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New hotel quarantine rules for air travellers are now in effect. Here's what you need to know

The federal government's new hotel quarantine requirement is now in effect for air travellers. Here’s the latest on what we know, including the hotel cost and who is exempt.

Why $2,000 for a hotel quarantine? Your questions about Ottawa's new travel rules answered

Ottawa has offered only broad details so far about its new travel rules, and it promises to provide more information in the coming days. Here's what we know so far, including what rules are already in effect.

How some Canadians plan to circumvent Ottawa's new hotel quarantine requirement

Some Canadians abroad plan to change their route home and cross the border by land, instead of air, to bypass Canada's pricey new hotel quarantine requirement.

None of Ottawa's new travel rules apply to the largest group of people entering Canada — truckers

None of Ottawa's recently announced new travel measures apply to the largest group of people entering Canada: Commercial truck drivers. Ottawa says it's exploring testing for truckers, but some critics want change now.

Some snowbirds still flying south despite new travel rules — because they can

Despite Ottawa imposing tough new measures to curb travel abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, some snowbirds are still flying to U.S. sun destinations.

Ottawa has no plans to force land travellers to quarantine in hotels — at least not yet

The federal government has no immediate plans to force non-essential travellers entering Canada by land to spend part of their quarantine in a pricey hotel, CBC News has learned. But discussions over implementing tougher measures at land borders are 'in progress,' one official says.

Canadian snowbirds abroad grapple with tough new travel rules that include a big hotel bill

Snowbirds are attempting to find ways around Canada's tough new travel rules, either by prolonging their stay down south or attempting to beat the clock and rush home.

TD customers in several provinces hit with fraudulent DoorDash debit charges

Several TD bank customers from across Canada tell CBC News they discovered one or more fraudulent DoorDash charges made to their debit card account in December. Each victim said they have never used the food delivery service.

Florida cracks down on vaccine tourism, requires proof of residency to get vaccinated for COVID-19

Following news reports that out-of-state residents — including Canadians — are flocking to Florida to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the state is now requiring proof of residency for vaccine recipients. 

Some Canadian snowbirds in Florida are already getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Snowbirds who headed to Florida this winter — despite Canada's advisory not to travel abroad during the pandemic — have discovered an unexpected perk: They can sign up to get the COVID-19 vaccine potentially months before it's available to seniors in Canada.