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Based in Toronto, Sophia Harris covers consumer and business for CBC News web, radio and TV. She previously worked as a CBC videojournalist in the Maritimes where she won an Atlantic Journalism Award for her work. Contact:

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WestJet, Air Canada face criticism over Yellowknife flights as wildfires rage

As wildfires burn across the Northwest Territories, Canada’s major airlines are facing criticism that not enough is being done to accommodate passengers looking to flee the region or change their flights.

Shoppers upset over lack of cashiers as self-checkout use soars

Self-checkout continues to be a divisive issue, with many shoppers embracing it and others, not so much. CBC News interviewed several people who said that during recent visits to major retailers, they were frustrated to find there were no cashiers available and the only option was self-checkout. 

Shopping carts that lock and security gates? Shoppers sound off on retailers' anti-theft tactics

Retailers are stepping up security due to a rise in theft, but some anti-theft measures are sparking customer backlash. Several Loblaw shoppers said they were upset after their cart's wheels locked and they were asked to show their receipts

Self-checkout theft causing problems for retailers — and shoppers who despise receipt checks

Some shoppers feel they're being unfairly targeted for receipt checks due to theft at self-checkouts. A criminologist who studies the topic says this type of theft is growing as retailers add more self-checkouts and shoppers feel emboldened to steal.

Canadian shoppers want their slice of $50M bread price-fixing fine

Canada Bread's $50 million fine for its part in Canada's bread price-fixing scandal will be paid to the federal government. Many Canadians want to know why it’s not going directly to them — the folks who bought overpriced bread.

Loblaw customers protest receipt-check policy introduced at select stores

Several shoppers have complained about receipt-check signs recently spotted at their Loblaw-owned grocer. Each of those signs has now disappeared, but Loblaw won’t say if it has abandoned receipt checks, which can be unpopular with shoppers and difficult to enforce.

Tired of getting spam calls? Here's why you may never be rid of them

Spam calls — or "scam calls" as they’re also known — have become an infuriating part of life. Some 18 months ago, many Canadians hoped they'd disappear thanks to new technology to combat the problem. Now, however, they aren't expected to stop anytime soon.

Canadian burn survivor's 40-shade foundation line gets picked up by beauty giant Sephora

Basma Hameed struggled to find the right foundation to cover her burn scars. So she created her own foundation line that is now selling online at Sephora and will soon be available in the retailer's 100 stores in Canada.

Ottawa still advertising on TikTok despite banning it on government devices due to security concerns

The federal government continues to advertise on TikTok, despite having banned the app from all government devices due to security concerns. Some tech experts argue Ottawa is sending a contradictory message.

Following recent travel chaos, Canada's major airlines hit with fines for hundreds of violations

The Canadian Transportation Agency has issued fines to Canada’s major airlines for hundreds of violations related to mass flight delays and cancellations this past summer and in December. But some critics say the fines aren't tough enough.