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Travelling to the U.S.? The rules are still in flux

Canadians are still waiting for the United States to reopen its side of the land border. Here are the current rules for crossing into the U.S. and what might soon change.

Travelling to or within Canada? The rules have changed. Here's what you need to know

Although some travel restrictions have been eased, travellers still must adhere to complex rules.

WestJet admits it was wrong to refuse customer refunds for rebooked flights

WestJet says it made an error when the airline rebooked thousands of customers on alternate flights and offered no refunds — only credit — to those who wanted to cancel.

Fully vaccinated and yearning to travel? Here are the new rules of the road

Before packing their bags, fully vaccinated travellers should note there are still rules in place that could affect their trips.

WestJet sparks customer fury after refusing refunds for cancelled flights — again

WestJet has once again sparked customer fury after the airline cancelled several flights in July and initially informed customers they weren’t entitled to refunds.

Canada is easing its travel restrictions. Here's what you need to know

Ottawa has embarked on Phase 1 of a multiphase approach to lift its travel restrictions. However, the government warns that the process will be gradual — based on scientific data and not people's pleas to reopen the borders.

Canada eyeing multi-stage approach to reopening the border to travellers

Canadian officials envision a multi-phase reopening of the border that would begin with fully vaccinated travellers being allowed to enter starting this summer. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alluded to some details of the plan Monday. Talks with the U.S. have ramped up as criticism of Canada's restrictions escalates.

Airlines offer cheap domestic flights to entice Canadians to take to the skies again

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and interprovincial travel restrictions still in place in several provinces, some of Canada’s airlines are advertising discounted domestic flights as a way to entice Canadians to start travelling again.

More Shoppers Drug Mart customers complain they were pushed to use self-checkout

For the second time in two years, CBC News has heard complaints from Shoppers Drug Mart customers that some of the chain's stores are pushing people to use self-checkout and reserving cashiers for cash payments only.

Ottawa ups fine to $5,000 for travellers who refuse to quarantine in a hotel

Air passengers entering Canada who refuse to quarantine in a designated hotel will soon be subject to a $5,000 fine.