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For Blue Jays owner Rogers, signing Shohei Ohtani is about more than just baseball

The rumoured bid by the Blue Jays to sign Shohei Ohtani is about much more than baseball. Rogers Communications, which owns the team, could spend as much as $600 million US to acquire the two-way phenom, and experts say the company could leverage Ohtani's fame to boost its core business.

In an uncertain economic climate, the federal government banks on hope

The federal government's Fall Economic Statement shows the Canadian economy is weak but headed toward improvement. It also shows just how quickly its economic assumptions can be upended if things don't improve.

WeWork has failed. Like a lot of other tech startups, it left damage in its wake

Tech companies like WeWork enter the market with big promises to disrupt and make life better, cooler or easier. At first they're willing to lose millions of dollars a month, but they eventually start to behave more and more like the incumbents. But by then, the existing industry has been changed as well.

The 'sugar rush' effect: Why the U.S. economy is growing faster than Canada's

The American and Canadian economies are very similar. Inflation is decelerating, employment remains robust, but one is growing by 4.9 per cent while the other is flirting with a recession.

Inflation is cooling. The cost of living crisis is not

Inflation is decelerating, which should give the Bank of Canada enough wiggle room to pause interest rate hikes. But there's a big difference between things not getting worse and things getting better.

Global economy braces for impact as Israel-Hamas war deepens

The price of oil shot up and global markets fell in the wake of an unprecedented Hamas attack on Israeli civilians this weekend and retaliation from Israel in Gaza. Here's what to watch in the days and weeks ahead.

Alarm bells are ringing: What markets are trying to warn us about the economy

Economic data has been surprisingly resilient, but financial markets don't believe the numbers. What messages and warnings are markets sending — and should we be heeding them?

The bad economic times have only just started

Growth has already slowed considerably. Job growth has moderated. Inflation remains stubbornly high. But the pain households are feeling today is only going to get worse.

Waiving the GST was just a start. These 3 ideas could help get more housing built in Canada

Building more housing in Canada will require a herculean effort across all levels of government. Some policy solutions are easier than others, such as removing the GST from purpose-built rentals, but there are other things governments can do right now to get more housing built.

Is the Bank of Canada making things worse?

Many economists say the Bank of Canada's decision this week to increase its key interest rate yet again was a mistake. But the bank is using the only tools it has. Why aren't other policy-makers using the tools they have to fight inflation?