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Forget rate hikes — these economists say to tame inflation, we need cheap oil

Central banks everywhere are trying to get inflation under control, and raising interest rates to do it. But that won't tackle the stubbornly high price of oil, which is driving up consumer costs across the board.

Why high oil prices aren't creating an economic boom in Canada

Pain at the gas pumps in Canada is usually offset by a surge in spending and hiring by oil companies. The recent surge in oil prices is still a net benefit to Canada's economy, but not nearly to the extent that we have come to expect.

The surprising resiliency of Russia's economy (and why it won't last)

Russia is using money generated through its oil and gas exports to keep its economy afloat. The tactic has worked better than many expected. But more trouble is looming for the Russian economy.

Why even falling prices won't make housing affordable any time soon

The real estate market is cooling. But even a record 30 per cent drop in prices would only go back to how things were in late 2020 when experts warned of a bubble.

Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in Moscow

With sanctions levied and financial assets seized in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, industry watchers say Russian oligarchs are trying to keep their yachts from being taken.

Tennis star Peng Shuai is casting international light on China's #MeToo movement

International concern over the disappearance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has cast a spotlight on sexual assault allegations in Chinese society — but experts say it's also shown just how desperate the Chinese government is to shut it down.

Instead of writing big cheques to fight climate change, billionaires should just pay taxes: environmentalist

Billionaires, celebrities and royalty were front and centre at this week’s COP26 climate conference, where Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pledged $2 billion to fight climate change. But some experts say the billions pledged are little more than a distraction from the real issues at hand.

Increasing conflict in Afghanistan related to ongoing climate change, experts say

Afghanistan has been wracked by decades of war and occupation. But former climate negotiator Samim Hoshmand says you cannot talk about the situation in Afghanistan without talking about the role climate change has played in making a bad situation worse.

Could a trillion-dollar coin solve the U.S. debt ceiling crisis?

As another showdown over the debt ceiling looms, experts say the whole thing could be put to rest by simply minting a $1 trillion coin.

'There's nothing': Misery a common scene as quake-ravaged Haiti grapples with a lack of aid

The courtyard of the Ofatma hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti, is a scene of abject misery right now, as patients await treatment and hospital staff struggle with a lack of supplies in the wake of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region.