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Nojoud Al Mallees reports and produces stories for the CBC's business unit and is based in Toronto. Previously, she was a reporter with CBC New Brunswick. She can be reached at and can be found on Twitter @nojoudalmallees.

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The rising popularity of sustainable investing — and the controversies surrounding it

Figuring out how you should invest your money is no simple feat. Now, there's an extra wrinkle to take into consideration, with growing concern over "greenwashing" in the financial world.

Young consumers are opting to buy now and pay later, as more companies enter the financing game

Buy now, pay later schemes have found success with young consumers, especially, who can access these loans with very few barriers. At the same time, the rising popularity of these services is raising concern about the impact they have on consumer debt.

Tim Hortons app tracked too much personal information without adequate consent, investigation finds

The federal privacy commissioner’s investigation into the Tim Hortons mobile app found that the app collected granular location data for the purpose of targeted advertising and the promotion of its products but that the company never used the data for those purposes. 

As the cost of gas climbs, here's what's fuelling the price at the pump

When it comes to the staggering cost of gasoline, what exactly is behind the price consumers are paying? CBC News breaks down what you're paying for at the pump.

Hoping to rent a car this summer? Good luck

History is repeating itself as last summer’s ‘carpocalypse’ makes a return. With travel picking up and more Canadians planning to get out this summer as the pandemic eases, car rental companies are trying to secure more vehicles.

Panic buying and U.S. recall have made it harder for Canadian parents to get hypoallergenic formula

Parents in the United States are facing an infant formula shortage — and some Canadians are running into the same struggle, especially when it comes to hypoallergenic formula. 

Ultra-fast fashion site Shein has captured the wallets of young shoppers. But at what cost?

The affordable Chinese fashion site has grown exponentially in recent years with a hyper-targeted social media strategy that's captured the attention — and wallets — of gen-Z and millennial shoppers. For younger consumers with a desire to be fashionable and often less disposable income, Shein feels almost irresistible. 

Gas prices hit record highs across the country

Canadians in most parts of the country are waking up to higher gas prices on Friday, with prices either well above $2 a litre or creeping closer to that benchmark.

How lack of affordability could scare new immigrants into moving away

A new survey suggests that 23 per cent of new Canadians plan to leave in the next two years — and cost is a factor. Given the economy's dependence on incoming labour, observers say this highlights the need for the federal government to be tracking how many immigrants leave the country and why they choose to go.

Netflix's dip in subscribers signals the hurdles ahead for streamers

Streaming services that revolutionized how people consume entertainment are now facing a host of challenges when it comes to growing — or even sustaining — their subscriber base.