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Self-checkouts: Who really benefits from the technology?

Just who benefits when companies turn to self-service kiosks? CBC’s Marketplace took a closer look how the technology can help — or hinder — consumers.

What are the worst places to park in Canada? Here's the data on that

CBC's Marketplace analyzed more than 15 million tickets given out over the past five years in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax to find out where drivers get ticketed and why.

Better enforcement, steeper fines: What's needed to fix the real estate industry

The association that represents real estate agents in Ontario says more needs to be done to protect consumers and punish agents found to have engaged in unethical behaviour.

5 medical costs you may have to pay for

Get sick in Canada: You’re covered, right? Not for everything.

Gender gouging: Women often pay more than men

Women and men are paying different amounts for similar, comparable products at major retailers, and Canada has no consumer protection against price discrimination based on gender, CBC's Marketplace found.

Yelp, Google and UrbanSpoon targets for fake reviews

A months-long investigation by CBC’s Marketplace shows how easy it is for companies to deceive consumers online. Marketplace created a fake grilled-cheese food truck and went about buying it a good online reputation, uncovering an entire industry designed to help businesses mislead consumers.

Fake online reviews: 4 ways companies can deceive you

Most of us check out a company online before we decide where to spend our money. CBC’s Marketplace investigated how businesses can artificially inflate their online credibility through paid testimonials and fake reviews.

Baby chickens ‘cooked alive’ at hatchery, animal rights group contends

Maple Leaf Foods is facing allegations of animal mistreatment at one of its chicken hatcheries in Hanover, Ont., in the wake of troubling undercover footage shot by an animal rights group and shared exclusively with CBC News.

Food safety: 5 things to watch out for next time you dine out

Before you even get a table at a restaurant, there are often signs that can warn you when there are problems with food handling and cleanliness - if you know what to look for.

Airline travel: 5 things you need to know about your flight rights

The airline lost your luggage, bumped you because of overbooking, made you wait an overly long time at the gate? There are remedies for these sorts of misadventures, and CBC's Marketplace sets them out.