Luke Denne

Luke Denne is an investigative journalist for Marketplace. Originally from the U.K., he's based in Toronto.

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82% of Canadians urging government action to tackle plastic pollution: CBC poll

Nine out of 10 respondents to a survey about the impact of plastic waste on the environment say they are concerned or very concerned about the problem, and 82 per cent say they believe that government should be doing more to tackle it.

Shrimp containing antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Canadian grocery stores

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found worrying levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on imported shrimp bought at major grocery stores across Canada.

Twins get some 'mystifying' results when they put 5 DNA ancestry kits to the test

Last spring, Marketplace host Charlsie Agro and her identical twin sister, Carly, bought DNA ancestry kits from five of the most popular companies in the industry. Find out why some of the results they received left a team of computational biologists at Yale University baffled.

Canada's major grocery chains slow to tackle the mounting problem of plastic waste

If single-use plastic packaging is increasingly frowned upon, why are Canada's biggest grocery chains filled with so much of it? Marketplace visits a supermarket in the U.K. that recently eliminated plastic packaging from 2,000 of the products it sells to see what it will take to go plastic-free.

'They should know better': Funeral home chain skirting new rule with misleading sales tactics

Nearly two years after Marketplace exposed the common practice of aggressive sales tactics at the largest Canadian-owned funeral home chain, another hidden camera investigation has revealed new examples of upselling and rule-breaking by some staff.

We hired ethical hackers to hack a family's smart home — here's how it turned out

Whether for security, convenience or the cool factor, millions of Canadians are automating their homes with the latest smart home gadgets. But a Marketplace investigation reveals that the convenience might come at a cost.

Senate recommends tougher protections in airline 'passenger bill of rights'

The Government's proposed passenger bill of rights is facing new obstacles in parliament after a Senate Committee examining the bill called for even stronger protection for consumers when they are hit with lengthy tarmac delays at the airport.

CBC hidden camera investigation captures misleading sales tactics for Bell

Marketplace and Go Public teamed up for a hidden camera investigation into Canada’s largest telecom, capturing deceiving sales pitches for Bell as door-to-door sales reps repeatedly misled customers.

'It's just not fair': Canadian passenger won't be compensated, when in Europe she'd get $900

Canada will soon have what the government calls a "world leading" airline passenger rights bill. Marketplace talks to passengers and advocates and finds they aren't so sure.

'People are being duped': CBC exposes homegrown lies at farmers markets

Some farmers market vendors push bogus stories to consumers looking for fresh local fruits and veggies — and Marketplace has the hidden camera footage to prove it.