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Business reporter

Kyle Bakx is a Calgary-based journalist with the network business unit at CBC News. He files stories from across the country and internationally for web, radio, TV and social media platforms. You can email story ideas to

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Another discount airline takes off — but they may not all survive

Discount airlines focus on offering cheap fares, but so far there hasn’t been a noticeable impact on overall ticket prices and there are questions about whether the air travel industry is large enough to support so many airlines.

Oil trumps climate change in UCP leadership race to determine Alberta's next premier

On the campaign trail for the UCP, there is little focus on the environment, let alone acknowledging global warming or climate change as leadership candidates try to secure votes from party members.

One farmer's uphill battle to provide cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to fertilizer

As the agriculture industry faces soaring costs for fertilizers and climate-related pressure to reduce the use of such products, some farmers are looking at different ways to feed their crops.

Canada's oilpatch is flush with cash — so what are they going to do with it?

The Canadian oilpatch is relishing in its most lucrative year ever with hefty prices for both oil and natural gas.

Lumber, wheat, and oil: Tumbling prices could mean the worst of inflation is over

Inflation has been out of control, but increasingly there are signs that prices are holding steady or falling.

Canadian charities hit by double whammy of rising costs, more demand

Charities across Canada face inflationary pressures and fears of a looming recession, just as demand swells for their services.

Sky-high oil prices fuelling the return of Calgary Stampede parties in a big way

With the Calgary Stampede fast approaching, expectations are high for one of the best party seasons the city has seen in nearly a decade, fuelled by sky-high commodity prices and pent up demand during the pandemic.

From $0 to $120 in 2 years — and the price of oil could climb higher

Oil prices could fall slightly over the months to come, but are still expected to end the year worth more than $100 US per barrel.

Canada Soccer boots golden financial opportunity with failed matches

Canada's national soccer federation was experiencing one of the best moments in its history, but the business-side of the organization is ruining the chance at financial fortune.

Gas prices have never been higher — but Canadians still aren't jumping on public transit

Transit ridership across the country is still noticeably down compared to pre-pandemic levels, even as more people return to the office and gas prices hit record-extending highs.