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Katie Pedersen is an investigative journalist for CBC Marketplace.

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Ontario long-term care homes with poor care records are getting tax dollars to expand

CBC found several long-term care homes planning to expand with taxpayer support are run by operators with long histories of non-compliance with the law, or poor outcomes through the pandemic.

Hidden camera reveals false claims some retailers make during diamond sales

While shopping undercover at some of Canada's top jewellers, Marketplace journalists came across sales pitches filled with false claims and inconsistent diamond grading reports, all of which could lead consumers to question whether they got what they paid for.

Why are Canadians' cellphone bills higher than other countries?

The oft-quoted industry explanations for high wireless prices — costly operating margins and a sparse Canadian population, for example — are insufficient to explain lower prices found in other countries and even between some provinces. Experts say Canada needs to do something about competition before things get worse.

Marketplace investigates shrinkflation and reveals the sneaky ways companies cut costs, but not prices

With inflation at a 40-year high, CBC’s Marketplace looks at the ways companies are passing increased costs on to consumers.

Stuck in bed 23 hours a day: What's wrong with home care in Canada and how another country changed course

Margot Algie suffers from a neurodegenerative disease and needs home care for all her daily activities. But she’s often only up for only one hour a day before another home care worker arrives to put her back to bed. A leading geriatrician says Canada needs to take a page from Denmark.

She begged for help as husband struggled: Why home care is failing thousands while companies profit

Nearly one million Canadians rely on some sort of home care support, but a Marketplace investigation has found a shroud of secrecy around for-profit companies’ use of public funds. Critics say the broken system is providing substandard care – and sometimes no care at all – for those most vulnerable.

Hidden cameras capture deceptive tactics used to sell overpriced HVAC contracts

A hidden camera investigation by Marketplace and Go Public reveals the deceptive sales pitches luring so many Canadians into long-term contacts for new HVAC equipment they don't need.

Canada halts import of goods linked to forced labour from China, Malaysia

The federal government has stopped two separate shipments of goods linked to forced labour from entering Canada — a move that has some advocates pleased but still pushing for more. 

Reitmans removes clothing from factory suspected of North Korean forced labour after Marketplace investigation

Canadian retail giant Reitmans Ltd. will remove from its stores all remaining inventory made at a factory in China suspected of using North Korean forced labour, according to a press release from the company.

Canadian brands sold clothing from factory suspected of secretly using North Korean forced labour

Retail giant Reitmans brought more than 100 shipments of clothing into Canada from a Chinese factory suspected of secretly using North Korean forced labour, a months-long CBC Marketplace investigation has found. The retailer says it has stopped placing new orders with the facility