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Senior Business Reporter

Jacqueline Hansen is a senior business reporter for CBC News. Based in Toronto, she's been covering business and other news beats since 2010.

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It's a renters' market for businesses that believe the office will make a comeback post-pandemic

It’s been almost a year since offices emptied out and employees started working remotely in a big way for the first time. Now, some of that office space is being rented out, and it’s presenting some prospective tenants with opportunities that weren't available prior to COVID-19.

Initiative to promote Black-owned businesses goes national with launch of new database

The Toronto-based creator of a website and social media account spotlighting local Black-owned businesses is taking her initiative across the country with the launch of an expanded online store and a national database she hopes will soon have hundreds of listings.

The retail sector has a racial bias problem — and this Sephora survey suggests it's costing it customers

A survey of U.S. customers and employees commissioned by beauty giant Sephora found three in five retail shoppers had experienced discriminatory treatment. The company said it did the survey in order to quantify racial bias and find ways to fix it.

Pandemic expanded online grocery shopping and delivery, but experts say in-store customers will be back

Online orders and delivery from Canada's major grocers have gone from novel to normal since the pandemic began, accelerating a move to e-shopping that was already underway, but some experts expect the e-shopping trend to diminish once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Gyms adapt to COVID-19 with micro gyms and workout pods

Some gym operators now facing stringent measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 are determined to stay open by offering new programs like micro gyms and workout pods.

Statistics Canada to investigate after official job numbers leaked early

Statistics Canada has launched an investigation after a media outlet reported its latest job-loss figures more than a half hour before the data was officially released.

'Heart-wrenching': Canadian flower farmers forced to throw out months of work amid pandemic

From their busiest time of the year to being in danger of closing, COVID-19 has hit some of Canada’s flower farmers hard.

'It's critical': Shuttered fitness studios move online to stay afloat in era of COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced owners of gyms and fitness studios to close their doors, but many are opening up online in hopes it will help get them through the pandemic.

How to find out if your business qualifies for the COVID-19 wage subsidy

The Canada Revenue Agency has published new details on how the proposed wage subsidy will be implemented and who will qualify.

Older Canadians reinvent themselves as 'seniorpreneurs' — in hopes it'll pay off

So-called ‘seniorpreneurs’ are part of a quickly growing group of older Canadians who are working beyond the traditional retirement age of 65, as savings rates for all Canadians stall below 2 per cent.