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Jackie Ruryk is a senior writer and editor with CBC News.

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Taylor Swift is coming to Canada. Whether you can actually get tickets is another matter

Taylor Swift has added six Canadian dates to her Eras tour, but there's more than one catch. All the dates are at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and it'll be a frenzy to get a ticket once they go on sale Tuesday.

July on track to be hottest month ever recorded, analysis shows

July is on track to be the hottest month on record, with the mean global temperature projected to be roughly 1.5 C above the pre-industrial level, according to a European analysis released Thursday.

Are you on Threads yet? Here's what you're giving away

The number of users continues to grow on the new app Threads, but an online privacy advocate says that similar to Meta's other products, it appears the new social media platform will be collecting data for financial gain.

Why striking PSAC members want remote work enshrined in their contract

Language for post-pandemic telework should be enshrined in contracts for Canada's 150,000 striking federal civil servants, say their union, with workers arguing it's good for the environment, their own well-being and the public they serve.

New Britney Spears documentary paints dark picture of early legal fight for control of singer's life

A new documentary about pop star Britney Spears recalls the complicated legal battle the singer faced after her father began controlling her life under a conservatorship set up in 2008, and some of the people who tried to help her break free.

Tour operators press for timeline for reopening land border

Canadian tour operators gearing up for the summer are pressing the federal government to tell them when they can expect the border to reopen to big-spending American tourists.

Widespread mislabelling of seafood reported in cities across Canada

There are "alarming rates of seafood fraud" in Canadian restaurants and stores, and consumers are getting ripped off, according to a new report by an ocean advocacy group.

Bird feared on verge of extinction sighted in Bahamas

Researchers have captured images of one of the rarest birds in the Western Hemisphere, a species they feared was extinct after Hurricane Matthew hit the Bahamas in 2016.

How flushed contact lenses add to microplastic pollution in waterways

Researchers say there is a simple way to convince people to stop flushing their contact lenses down the drain: Show them the numbers.

Health Canada says processed-food makers aren't cutting enough salt

Health Canada says its strategy to get some of the salt out of processed foods has produced a reduction in sodium "much lower than anticipated."