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Harvey Cashore is an investigative reporter with the CBC's weekly investigative program The Fifth Estate.

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KPMG wants CRA affidavit in tax 'sham' case struck from public record

Earlier this year, KPMG Law requested a temporary sealing order in the case regarding its client Gold Line Telemanagement, which the Canada Revenue Agency accuses of involvement in a "carousel scheme." Now, KPMG has applied to the court to have the affidavit at issue struck from the record completely.

How fallout from top secret documents found at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort could affect Canada

The discovery of top secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort sparked a criminal investigation and has the former U.S. president facing the possibility of criminal charges. But it’s also raised alarms in intelligence circles, where allies of the U.S., which share information and include Canada, wonder what is in the documents and if it could have an impact on intelligence needed to protect national security.

Wood from B.C. forests is being burned for electricity billed as green — but critics say that's deceptive

The largest power station in the U.K., Drax, burns wood pellets sourced from B.C.’s old growth and untouched forests to create electricity. Scientists and environmentalists argue it’s a false solution to the climate crisis.

WE Charity misled donors about building schools in Kenya, records show

Marc and Craig Kielburger’s WE Charity routinely misled school-aged children and wealthy philanthropists across North America for years as it solicited millions for schoolhouses in Kenya and other projects in its Adopt-A-Village program, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.
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Wealthy KPMG clients continued to dodge taxes for years after CRA detected offshore 'sham'

In 2010, Canada Revenue Agency auditors unearthed a scheme they called a “sham” that ultra-rich Canadians were using to dodge taxes. But previously unreported court records obtained by CBC’s The Fifth Estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête show it didn't stop then. Some taxpayers continued to exploit the tax dodge for several years without officials realizing.

MPs braced for battle with global accounting firm over naming wealthy Canadians behind offshore tax shelters

For years, ultra-wealthy Canadians have been setting up offshore shell companies in the Isle of Man so they can dodge taxes back home. Now, MPs on the House of Commons finance committee appear ready to try to dismantle the shield of secrecy surrounding those companies.

MPs urged to demand the names of Canadians behind offshore tax shelters

A tax expert who was prevented from speaking to a Commons committee about tax avoidance five years ago says it's time for MPs to demand the identities of Canadians behind offshore shell companies.

Multiple WE Charity donors raised money for same borehole well in Kenyan village

Three groups donated tens of thousands of dollars each in 2013 to WE Charity, then known as Free the Children, for what turned out to be the same well in a village in Kenya, contributing total amounts that far exceeded the cost of the project and raise questions about what the charity did with the extra money that was collected.

MP joins former donor in calling for RCMP investigation into WE Charity following testimony

A former WE Charity donor is calling for the RCMP and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to investigate the charity's finances after learning a Kenyan school he was told he funded bore a plaque with the name of another donor.

Don't show a photo of David Suzuki: How WE Charity tried to keep its donors happy

A decision to remove an image of David Suzuki from programming for WE Days illustrated a larger problem at WE Charity, former employees told CBC’s The Fifth Estate. A great deal of attention was paid to finding, keeping and making sure donors and sponsors were happy.