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Eric Szeto is an investigative journalist.

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He calls himself a doctor and promises to cure cancer. Critics say he's profiting from misinformation

The self-described "Doc of Detox" was exposed nearly 30 years ago for selling fake HIV cures in Toronto. Now, he's peddling unproven and harmful treatments for everything from chronic pain to cancer, according to a Marketplace investigation.

Conversion therapy is illegal in Canada. But some U.S. life coaches are offering it to Canadians online

Conversion therapy may now be illegal in Canada, but a CBC Marketplace hidden-camera investigation is raising questions about just how effective that ban will be in the age of virtual therapy.

Almost anyone can become a life coach. A hidden camera investigation reveals why that's a problem

A hidden-camera investigation into the business of life coaching by CBC’s Marketplace found that some coaches are doing more than just helping people meet goals — they're offering advice about mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, even though they are not qualified to do so.

Canada halts import of goods linked to forced labour from China, Malaysia

The federal government has stopped two separate shipments of goods linked to forced labour from entering Canada — a move that has some advocates pleased but still pushing for more. 

Canada's grocery chains stocked with tomato products connected to Chinese forced labour

A CBC Marketplace investigation found several products sold in Canadian grocery stores with links to forced labour in Xinjiang, China.

Marketplace flagged over 800 social media posts with COVID-19 misinformation. Only a fraction were removed

The world’s social media giants promised to crack down on harmful COVID-19 misinformation that has proliferated since the pandemic began, but a CBC Marketplace investigation found that when problematic posts were flagged, most weren’t labelled or removed. 

Marketplace attended a COVID-19 conspiracy boot camp to see how instructors are targeting vaccine skeptics

A Marketplace investigation into an online boot camp organized by an American anti-vaccination activist has uncovered some of the tactics COVID-19 conspiracists are using to influence those skeptical of public health messages around the pandemic.

Hidden camera reveals 'appalling' conditions in overseas PPE factory supplying Canadian hospitals, expert says

As global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) surges during the pandemic, so has the human cost for those making it overseas, an investigation by CBC’s Marketplace has found.

Marketplace tested over 20 different masks. Here's what will best protect you and others during the pandemic

Public health officials have said masks are critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19, but rigorous tests conducted on behalf of CBC's Marketplace found that while some work very well, others offer little protection from particles that transmit the novel coronavirus. And one type of mask can even spread the particles to others.

The label says 100% compostable plastic. But it's likely ending up in a landfill

You see them in a variety of products on grocery store shelves: bags, cutlery and coffee pods made of what's known as compostable plastic. But watch what Marketplace discovered about what actually happens when you put them in your green bin.