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Dianne Buckner has reported on entrepreneurs for two decades. She hosts Dragons' Den on CBC Television and is part of the business news team at CBC News Network.

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Locked out of Facebook, musician struggles to get account restored

A Montreal musician says he couldn't find work after his Facebook account was hacked, leaving him locked out and cut off from his contacts. Like many small businesses, he depends on Facebook to make a living, but couldn't get in touch with anyone at the company to have his access restored.

Baby diagnosed with a sprain had actually suffered a stroke

An Ontario mother says she had to take her baby to three different hospitals, and speak with six doctors in less than a week, to get an accurate diagnosis after he was injured in a fall. Has the strain of the pandemic made it more likely for doctors to make mistakes?

Dog owners confused and grieving after pet's journey to England ends badly

A Toronto woman says she paid $4,800 to an animal transportation company to have her dog shipped to England when the family moved, but that the beloved pet arrived unable to walk, and later had to be put down.

Instacart 'shoppers' baffled by shrinking paycheques

Home delivery has boomed during the pandemic. But the gig workers who have signed with Instacart, to go shopping for consumers and deliver the orders, say their earnings from the online giant are shrouded in mystery, and have fallen significantly.

Business travel isn't expected to return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon

Business travel may be a long time coming back to pre-pandemic levels. That will hurt many bottom lines, particularly for airlines where business trips make up a significant part of industry profit.

Should you take advantage of employer's offer to work from home? Some say it could be a career-limiting move

More and more firms are offering employees a hybrid work environment, where staff can divide their weekdays between the office and working at home. But is there a penalty to be paid in terms of your career if you opt to stay in your loungewear two or three times a week?

Frustration grows as Sunwing doesn't give refunds for cancelled flights despite taking taxpayer aid

Passengers who had their flights cancelled by Sunwing Airlines due to the pandemic are expressing anger and frustration. The airline is still only offering travel credit vouchers instead of refunds. Many customers say they just want their money back — immediately.

Who opens a new tourist attraction during a pandemic? Meet Canada's most optimistic entrepreneurs

Several Canadian entrepreneurs are plunging ahead to launch new tourist attractions, despite surging COVID-19 cases in some regions. They say they can't press pause on projects started before the pandemic, and are pinning their hopes on vaccinations turning the tide — ideally before summer holiday season.

Toronto mom spent her severance pay on car insurance, but ended up uninsured

What happens if you pay for car insurance through a broker, but then the insurance company behind the policy says you haven't paid? A Toronto woman contacted CBC's Go Public team to share her frustrating experience - and a warning to other consumers.

Payday lender lines of credit and instalment loans at 47% create debt traps, critics say

Consumers who take instalment loans from payday lenders pay as much as 47 per cent on their debt, and now a chorus of voices are calling for the federal government to take urgent action.