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Charlsie Agro is an investigative reporter with CBC Marketplace.

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Why so much recycled clothing is still going in the garbage

Companies like H&M, Nike, Lululemon, Zara and Gap are pushing so-called sustainable clothes, but experts say the only thing green about many of them is that they’ve been greenwashed.

Shoppers Drug Mart eliminates 'pink tax' on menstrual pain medication following CBC investigation

Marketplace found two examples of menstrual pain medication costing more than their general pain relief counterparts at Shoppers Drug Mart, which said it will align the prices “within a week.”

Trying to avoid palm oil in the products you buy? It could be harder than you think

It’s not always possible for consumers to find out if palm oil, which has been linked to deforestation and other environmental abuses, is in their products, and current labelling laws do not require companies to disclose that information to consumers looking to avoid it.

Marketplace tested Perrier, LaCroix, Bubly sparkling waters to see which is most acidic

Marketplace tested popular sparkling water brands to see which is most acidic. Turns out, not all grapefruit-flavoured sparkling waters are created equally.

Which coffee chain drink has as much sugar as 2 cups of ice cream?

You probably wouldn’t eat a chocolate bar on your way to work, but depending on your morning beverage of choice, you could be getting a similar amount of sugar in your favourite drinks from Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McCafe.

Experts warn of high levels of chemicals in clothes by some fast-fashion retailers

A Marketplace investigation found that out of 38 samples of children’s, adult’s and maternity clothes and accessories, almost one in five items had elevated levels of chemicals — including lead, PFAS and phthalates — that experts found concerning. 

Are cheaper eggs just as nutritious as organic or free-run options? Marketplace tested 14 brands to find out

Some of the cheapest, widely available eggs tested by Marketplace may be just as nutritious as some of the most expensive.  

Want to know how much added sugar is in your favourite foods? Canadian companies don't have to tell you

Despite having to disclose many details about ingredients, specific allergens, calorie counts and other nutritional information on labels, food manufacturers are not required to include the amount of added sugar a product contains and don’t have to disclose that information to an inquiring consumer, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.

Bothered by headlight glare and thinking of getting tinted windows? You'll want to watch this first

Marketplace tested whether tinted vehicle windows and bright headlights are making our roads more dangerous by affecting driver visibility. Not all tints are legal, and some drivers said they're knowingly breaking the law to deal with headlight glare. Our experts test those headlights, and find a simple fix.

Have a UV disinfecting device? Most don't live up to claims and can be harmful

Health Canada says it is reviewing how UV wands and devices are able to find their way onto store shelves and into the hands of Canadian consumers after a CBC Marketplace investigation found there is just one consumer UV device that is properly cleared for sale in this country.