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Written in the stars: The legendary tale of Atlantic Canada ice cream favourite Moon Mist

The history of Atlantic Canada's unofficial frozen treat and the man who created it.

Ottawa commits $25M to create Canada's first-ever LGBTQ entrepreneurship program

The federal government has committed $25 million to create Canada's first-ever LGBTQ entrepreneurship program, an investment one trailblazer called a "game-changer."

New 'Code Of Conduct' pitches rules for grocers — but few details on punishment for breaking them

Efforts to craft a Canadian grocery code of conduct have reached a major milestone with a proposed final version that includes a process to resolve disputes and impose sanctions on systemic violators of the code — but stops short of imposing fines on companies that fail to adhere to its principles.

High food prices amid easing inflation has consumers questioning pricing power at big grocery chains

Stubbornly high prices in the grocery aisle have raised the ire of consumers this year, and brought scrutiny to a highly consolidated industry that hasn't always earned the trust of shoppers.

As airports reopen, some Canadians set to return from Mexico's Mazatlan area

Some Canadian tourists in Mexico's Sinaloa state are packing their bags to return home after a wave of violence erupted in the region, shuttering airports and prompting an advisory to shelter in place.

Calls for cultural change at Hockey Canada spark period of reckoning for sport

As sponsors distanced themselves from Hockey Canada over the past few weeks, it became clear they wanted to see more than just a change in leadership.

Inflation is making Thanksgiving dinner more expensive than ever

Thanksgiving dinner comes with a hefty price tag this year as double-digit food inflation pushes up the cost of everything from turkey to potatoes.

Minimum wage goes up in 6 provinces, but some advocates say workers need more

Canadian workers earning minimum wage in several provinces are now seeing an increase in their paycheques.

Grocery retailer Metro sees a jump in profits

Grocery retailer Metro reported third-quarter profits of $275 million Wednesday, up nine per cent from a year earlier. The company CEO says labour shortages will weigh on future growth.

How one Canadian family is coping with the highest inflation in years

With inflation at a nearly 40-year high, Canadians are feeling the financial strain. One Mississauga family talks about where they’re being hit the hardest.