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Andreas Wesley has been an investigative journalist and documentarian for more than 20 years.

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CBC Investigates

No running water on Air Canada flight from China during worsening coronavirus outbreak

A 13-hour Air Canada flight from Beijing to Toronto operated without running water as the coronavirus outbreak worsened in China last week. Air Canada says it will no longer operate international flights experiencing water supply issues.
CBC Investigates

RCMP launch hate crime probe of leader of nationalist group vying for party status in federal election

RCMP in Saskatchewan have launched an investigation into an online video featuring the head of an extremist group that's poised to become Canada's next official political party.
CBC Investigates

Harassment, sexual assault among alleged misconduct by border agents investigated by CBSA

The Canada Border Services Agency investigated 1,200 allegations against its own staff over a two and a half year period starting in January 2016, including accusations of criminal association, excessive force and sexual assault, documents obtained by CBC News through an access to information request show.

'You have to upsell them': Marketplace exposes how dealerships push maintenance you don't need

Learn how you can stop wasting money on unnecessary car maintenance.

Lead found in Ardene jewelry months after retailer vowed 'more stringent monitoring'

Months after Canadian fashion retailer Ardene vowed stricter monitoring to keep toxic metals out of its jewelry, Health Canada has recalled two types of necklaces sold in its stores that the agency found contain lead.