Flair Airlines, Air Transat join Aeroplan loyalty program

Aeroplan's parent company, Aimia Inc., announces that two more Canadian airlines have signed up to use the loyalty program starting in 2020.

Aeroplan has been signing deals with other airlines against backdrop of high-profile Air Canada fight

Air Transat has signed up to use the Aeroplan loyalty program.

Aeroplan's parent company, Aimia Inc., announced on Tuesday that two more Canadian airlines have signed up to use the loyalty program starting in 2020.

In a pair of news releases Tuesday, Aimia said Edmonton-based Flair Airlines and Montreal-based Air Transat have agreed to become preferred partners of the loyalty program, which means Aeroplan members will earn points when booking flights on either airline, and can also redeem their  existing points for seats on both.

"At Flair we provide affordable flight options for Canadians," CEO Jim Scott said. "Our arrangement with Aeroplan helps further that commitment."

"We are thrilled about this agreement in principle and look forward to Air Transat ... partnering with Aeroplan for its members' leisure travel needs to some 60 destinations in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East," said Joseph Adamo, Air Transat's chief distribution officer.

Last week, Aeroplan announced a similar deal with Toronto-based Porter Airlines to become that airline's loyalty program, too.

Aeroplan trying to chart new course

Aeroplan's corporate parent, Aimia, has been scrambling for more than a year to link up with new airline partners after Air Canada announced it would cut ties with the program starting in 2020.

Aimia's shares were hammered as investors had doubts about Aimia's ability to continue the program without its iconic partnership with Air Canada, which founded the loyalty program in 1984.

Since then, Aimia has tried to win back the confidence of investors and plan members, announcing an ambitious plan earlier this year to start offering its own charter flights and add some travel agency services.

Last month, Aimia was again rocked after Air Canada announced it was offering to buy back Aeroplan for $250 million. Aimia didn't accept that deal, although the company said it was willing to entertain the idea at a higher price.