Brain Gains

New research and pilot fitness programs in schools are showing positive results that exercise helps the human brain learn. Joan Leishman reports

The U.S. Experiment


Naperville Central High School serves as a training academy for a nonprofit agency called PE4Life, which has adopted the new fitness philosophy

Read more about improved academics, Increased levels of fitness and decreased disciplinary Incidents at Naperville Central High near Chicago, Illinois, after they implemented their Learning Readiness PE, on the PE4Life website.

Illinois is the only state that requires daily physical education, and PE4Life, a U.S. organization dedicated to inspiring active, healthy living by advancing the development of quality, daily physical education programs for all children, is lobbying for physical education to be offered to every child, every day, and to improve the way it’s taught.

Naperville Central High scored high in the international math and science assessment known as TIMSS in 1999. Find out more about TIMSS at the National Center for Education Statistics (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) website.

Find out more about Naperville Central High on their school website.