Zach Dubinsky

Senior Writer, CBC Investigations Unit

Zach Dubinsky is an investigative journalist. His reporting on offshore tax havens (including the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers), political corruption and organized crime has won multiple national and international awards. Phone: 416-205-7553. Twitter: @DubinskyZach Email

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5 questions swirling around forestry giant Paper Excellence ahead of grilling from MPs

The mystery surrounding Paper Excellence, the country's biggest wood-pulp producer and one of its biggest logging companies, is only growing. The company says it is independent of a controversial Indonesian conglomerate, but CBC has found new information suggesting otherwise. MPs will have a chance to question company executives at hearings
CBC Investigates

Who's behind Canada's new pulp-and-paper powerhouse, and where's the money coming from? 

Paper Excellence bills itself as a proud player rejuvenating a troubled industry in an environmentally responsible way, but leaked emails and insider accounts reveal a company which may not be what it seems. 

CAFE landlord convicted on appeal in Toronto illegal pot-shop case

Authorities have notched another victory in their long-running battle to shutter a notorious chain of illegal Toronto cannabis stores, as an appeal court this afternoon convicted the landlord of CAFE’s flagship outlet on all six provincial cannabis charges he was facing.

Prosecution collapses against execs caught up in CannTrust cannabis scandal

The prosecution of three businessmen caught up in one of Canada's most spectacular cannabis-industry flameouts has suffered its own collapse, as lawyers for the Ontario Securities Commission moved to withdraw all charges mid-trial following major admissions in court testimony.

Most doctors took financial hit in 1st year of COVID, but top earners did just fine

For most physicians in Canada, the first full year of the pandemic delivered a financial gut punch, according to an exclusive CBC News data analysis. But for a select group of highly paid doctors, it was a very different story.
CBC Investigates

RCMP superfan in Ontario spent 2 weeks in jail following N.S. massacre

Warren Thwing says he's spent thousands of dollars on a collection of hundreds of RCMP items including uniforms, figurines, posters and books. He never imagined it would lead to a door-smashing, gun-toting police raid on his home.
CBC Investigates

Royal Bank ordered to reveal who's behind 97 offshore accounts

A Federal Court judge has ordered Royal Bank of Canada to divulge the real owners of 97 offshore corporations that used its services, but a critic is wondering why it's taken the Canada Revenue Agency so long to acquire the information.
CBC Investigates

Rapper wants justice after Ottawa police 'tore house apart' in failed no-knock raid

All charges have been dropped against Chris Woof of Ottawa, but his lawyer and an expert on policing say his case highlights major problems with no-knock drug raids — including the key question of whether there's any data the tactic is effective.
CBC Investigates

Uber deliberately dodged authorities, ignored rules in early years, leaked documents show

A leak of more than 80,000 internal emails from Uber lays bare the ride-hailing company's law-skirting methods for insinuating itself into new markets and courting powerful figures to try to get its way.

CAFE landlord cleared of all cannabis charges as latest attempt to crack down on illegal pot shop fails

Authorities have resoundingly lost the latest round in their long-running battle to shutter a notorious chain of illegal Toronto pot shops, as a court this afternoon acquitted the landlord of CAFE’s flagship store on all six provincial cannabis charges he was facing.