Zach Dubinsky

Senior Writer, CBC Investigations Unit

Zach Dubinsky is an investigative journalist. His reporting on offshore tax havens (including the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers), political corruption and organized crime has won multiple national and international awards. Phone: 416-205-7553. Twitter: @DubinskyZach Email

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CBC Investigates

Russian billionaire is behind mansion that housed Harry and Meghan, leaked files show

For two years, it's been an international mystery: Who really owns the $18-million Vancouver Island mansion where Prince Harry and Meghan wintered in 2020? Canada's lack of transparent land records means it's not easy to find out, but the Pandora Papers led CBC to the answer.

Alberta pair sue police for $1.5M over 'malicious' drug raid that found nothing

An Alberta couple targeted in a no-knock drug raid where an armoured vehicle smashed through their living room window and tear gas was fired into their home has filed a $1.5-million lawsuit against the RCMP and Calgary Police.
CBC Investigates

Money manager for ultra-rich has almost $5M tax bill, but CRA can't get its hands on assets

He's a multimillionaire investment adviser for the ultra-rich who likes big bottles of pricey champagne. Charles Shaker also owes almost $5 million in taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency says. But thanks to a lack of transparency, in tax havens and also in Canada, it's a bill that's proving hard to collect on.

CAFE landlord seems to change testimony mid-trial, throwing a wrench in illegal pot-shop case

The saga of Toronto's tenacious chain of illegal pot shops took another unusual turn this week, as a property owner appeared to change his testimony, a prosecutor was accused of shouting at him, and the defendant's own lawyer hinted he may have to recuse himself.
CBC Investigates

U.S. SEC seeks $68M from B.C. 'mastermind' of huge alleged stock fraud

U.S. authorities are moving to seize bank and stock accounts of Fred Sharp, a private banker from Vancouver who allegedly set up dozens of offshore shell companies to enable a billion-dollar series of pump-and-dump stock frauds by other Canadians.

Elvis Stojko took out $6.5M in life insurance on his parents and says he has no idea why it ended up offshore

The Pandora Papers reveal that former world figure skating champ Elvis Stojko had a multimillion-dollar insurance policy in a trust in Belize. He says it's the first he's hearing that his money went there.

CRA battling attempt to halt its probe of offshore 'mastermind' and his clients

Ottawa asked the Federal Court of Appeal on Wednesday for the green light to continue auditing a B.C. man, as well as a dozen of his associates and clients, linked to an organization that helped wealthy Canadians move tens of millions of dollars through tax havens.
CBC Investigates

Offshore 'mastermind' ran $300M 'shadow bank' for clients' tax-haven money, draft CRA report says

Scores of wealthy Canadians had access to a Vancouver-based "shadow bank" that they used to buy homes, vacation properties, cars and airplane tickets with funds stashed in tax havens, according to a confidential draft report by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Landlords of renegade CAFE pot shops move to have charges dismissed

In its latest attempts to shut down the sleek CAFE coffee shops that double as illicit pot dispensaries, the City of Toronto is resorting to the courts, where it's heaped charges on the landlords. One of them says it's a mess and he's caught in the crossfire.

Ontario doctor's obstruction charges dropped as husband pleads guilty over COVID-19 tracing

An Ontario doctor facing non-criminal allegations that she misled health officials about her contacts after she caught COVID-19 last Christmas has had all counts against her dropped, as her husband pleaded guilty.