Waqas Chughtai

Waqas Chughtai is senior producer of CBC Radio's World Report. He's worked out of Toronto, Winnipeg and Washington.

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Access to medical exams a roadblock for Ukrainians wanting to work in Canada

Ukrainians fleeing war are encountering roadblocks they didn’t expect as they look for work in Canada. One is a requirement for a medical exam that is expensive and can be hard to access.
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A 'time bomb' in the Red Sea could cause a catastrophic oil spill without global help: UN

A tanker off the coast of Yemen threatens to spill more than four times the oil of the Exxon Valdez — and cause major disruption to global shipping — if an emergency salvage mission fails. Right now, Global Affairs Canada says it has no plans to help fund the operation.

Ukrainian environmentalists tracking possible Russian eco crimes

A small group of environmentalists who were forced to leave Ukraine are working together to document possible environmental crimes committed by Russia. While solid evidence could help, analysts say it is unlikely the country will ever be fully compensated for the extent of environmental damage from the conflict.

Pakistan's new PM wants to rebuild ties with the West — but is the U.S. willing?

Pakistan's recently ousted prime minister Imran Khan often took an anti-West approach during his nearly four years in office. And while the country's new prime minister says he wants to improve ties with the West, including Washington, experts say he faces an uphill battle.
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All roads lead to Ireland: The real front line in the Brexit war

Failure to keep post-Brexit border traffic flowing freely between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland would fly in the face of the Good Friday peace agreement and hurt prosperity achieved since then, say many in border communities.

'A very real danger': U.S. attorney general's views on marijuana create uncertainty over medical cannabis

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is staunchly against marijuana use in any form, recreational or medical, a position that leaves uncertainty for dispensary owners, patients, marijuana advocates and state officials across the U.S.

Dark ad campaign hopes to help catch online child predators

The images are dark and ominous; children curled up on a bed or a couch as a man towers over them, camera in hand. The Winnipeg-based Canadian Centre for Child Protection launches an ad campaign Monday to raise public awareness of its Cybertip hotline.

Ramadan for non-Muslims (with a grain of salt)

Ramadan, when Muslims refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset, begins today. It doesn't help that Ramadan falls during the longest days of the year. Here are some tips on how to help those who are fasting from CBC's Waqas Chughtai based on his own fasting experience.

India's longest running film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, marks a major milestone

The Bollywood love story has been screening for 1,000 weeks in Mumbai since its debut in 1995.

Berlin Wall: German reunification 'a success story'

The bills have totalled $3 trillion but the former East Germany is catching up to the West by many - but not all - measures.