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Why incels are a 'real and present threat' for Canadians

Criminologists and sociologists are sounding the alarm over extreme and violent internet subcultures that include incels, saying the threat they pose isn’t being taken seriously enough.

B.C. doctor accused of leaving bullet shells on ex-partner's driveway still seeing patients

A West Vancouver doctor who was arrested in April 2012 for a threat to “cause death or bodily harm” was allowed to continue to practise after the provincial regulator stated his criminal charges were “unrelated to the practice of medicine,” a fifth estate investigation has learned.

MD charged with sexual assault in Canada gave up U.S. licence over alcohol abuse allegations

A psychiatrist charged with multiple counts of sexual assault involving six former female patients in Windsor, Ont., surrendered his medical licence in the U.S. after allegations of chronic alcohol abuse, the fifth estate has found.
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Megadoses of popular vitamins may do more harm than good, experts warn

Canadians eager to boost their health by consuming megadoses of vitamins C, E and D may be doing more harm than good, an investigation by the CBC's fifth estate into the vitamins and supplements industry reveals.

Medical marijuana easily 'dispensed' in Vancouver

Marijuana is being openly sold in specialty stores in Vancouver under the guise of a government-approved system meant to limit sales for medical use only, a documentary by the CBC's fifth estate shows.