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Colder weather and holidays bring new COVID-19 concerns, Tam warns

The fall will bring new risks in the COVID-19 pandemic, along with colder weather and indoor family holiday gatherings, Canada's chief public health officer has warned at a time when daily case counts continue to climb.

24 Sussex becoming a costly 'debacle,' say Conservatives

Nearly four years after Justin Trudeau opted not to move into the prime minister's official residence over concerns about its crumbling state, the building in Ottawa remains vacant — except for staff using the kitchen to prepare meals for Trudeau and his family.

Trudeau Liberals link 'reckless' Ontario budget with Scheer's Conservatives

The federal Liberals are attacking the Ontario Progressive Conservative government's first budget since Doug Ford was elected premier, hoping voters across the country will connect the document's cuts to social spending and the yet-to-be-announced policy leanings of Andrew Scheer's Conservatives.

Public service union demanding money in budget for Phoenix replacement

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada is warning that, unless cash is earmarked this spring for a new system to pay federal employees, the tens of thousands of workers affected by the current system's problems could be left in limbo for another year.

Government announces new tax rules for Phoenix overpayments

The country's biggest civil-service union declared a victory for its members Tuesday as the Trudeau government moved to change a tax rule that has caused headaches for federal employees overpaid by the problem-plagued public service pay system.

Trans Mountain response not just about one pipeline, says Trudeau

The future of resource development across Canada depends on the federal government responding correctly to a court ruling that has stalled the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Justin Trudeau said Friday.

Trudeau: No apologies for heckler encounter, pledges to call out 'hate speech'

Hate speech and the politics of division are creating a "dangerous path" for Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, vowing to steer clear of such roads and to continue calling out those who rely on "extremist" methods to make their voices heard.

Government could compensate all public servants for Phoenix

The federal Liberals are considering some sort of "tiered" compensation for the Phoenix pay system where every public servant gets something for the stress its problems have caused, says a government source.

Canadian phones to get emergency alert tests this week— here's when to expect yours

Mobile devices hooked to LTE service will sound, vibrate as emergency management officials test a new national public alert system.

Rideau Hall takes second look at hundreds of events in sweeping review

Rideau Hall is conducting a sweeping review of the hundreds of events organized and hosted by the Governor General each year to determine which ones will stay, which ones will go, and which ones will be done differently.