Tanya Birkbeck

Tanya Birkbeck is a multimedia reporter, producer and journalism trainer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Originally from Saskatchewan, she has worked for CBC News in Regina and Montreal. She tells stories from all over the world, with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

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As gangs fight in the street, violence-plagued Acapulco battles to lure back tourists

Once known as a jet-set party town, Acapulco's reputation has taken a hit in recent years due to a high rate of violent crime. Now the oceanside Mexican city is trying to make a comeback — and getting Canadians to return is part of that strategy.

Mayor Denis Coderre vows ambitious capital-works plan will see light of day

​From major road repairs to building public toilets to giving arenas and ball fields a facelift, the City of Montreal has released its capital-works priorities for the next three years.

Montreal Muslim Cemetery to provide local space for traditional burials

A new section of the Laval Cemetery will allow Montreal-area Muslims to be buried according to religious and cultural traditions, including being buried facing Mecca.

C-51 anti-terror law causes some Muslims to reconsider vote

"All my information is that there are no Muslims who are supporting the Conservatives," says one Montreal-area Muslim.

Burner Alley in Plateau-Mont-Royal dismantled to residents' dismay

Some people who live on Hôtel-de-Ville and Laval avenues on the Plateau are upset that a community back alley has been destroyed by the city.

Kahnawake mixed couple subject of 'marry out, stay out' protest

Dozens of protesters spent Saturday demonstrating in front of a house in Kahnawake, Que., where a Mohawk man lives with his non-native wife.

Montreal-area Muslims get new burial ground

Some members of the Montreal Muslim community have reached an agreement with Magnus Poirier funeral homes for 3,000 plots at the Laval Cemetery.
Point of View

FHRITP: CBC Montreal journalists speak out about vulgar 'joke'

WARNING: Story contains explicit language: An online hoax, which has transformed into a disturbing real-life prank, has been singling out journalists, and two reporters at CBC Montreal have decided to share why FHRITP isn’t funny.

Parking ticket issued nine months late rare, but legal

Almost everyone who drives in Montreal has a story about a parking ticket they think they do not deserve. But an Anjou woman was shocked when she received a parking ticket in the mail, nearly nine months after the alleged violation.