Sylvie Fournier

Investigative journalist

Sylvie Fournier is a journalist with the Radio-Canada TV show Enquête.

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Black, Indigenous mothers say they were sterilized without full consent at Quebec hospitals

A Radio-Canada investigation has revealed that some women in Quebec were pressured or forced into getting their tubes tied during or shortly after childbirth.

In New Brunswick, opposing forestry industry practices can be dangerous for your career

Glyphosate has become key to sustaining New Brunswick's vast forestry industry, but some advocates say that those who have raised concerns about the herbicide have been unjustly punished for it. Now, one college instructor has filed a wrongful dismissal suit, alleging he was fired from his forestry college because of his critical views.

Court documents reveal Monsanto's efforts to fight glyphosate's 'severe stigma'

A review by CBC/Radio-Canada of internal Monsanto documents disclosed in a court case last year reveals the many efforts the company took to fight a UN agency assessment that glyphosate, the principal ingredient in its Roundup, was probably carcinogenic to humans.

Quebec Bar ignored warning Lac-Mégantic victims were being 'harassed' by lawyers

The Quebec Bar Association admits it could have done a better job protecting victims of the 2013 deadly rail disaster from the 'disturbing' tactics used to persuade them to sign on to file lawsuits in U.S. courts — for a fee.

Questionable Texas law firm pockets millions from Lac-Mégantic compensation fund

The families of the 47 people killed in the July 2013 train explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Que., decided to sue the companies involved in the tragedy in U.S. courts. Working with them behind the scenes was a Texas case runner named Willie Garcia. He's not a lawyer.