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Digital producer

Stephanie Hogan is a digital producer with CBC News, based in Toronto. She writes on a variety of subjects, with an interest in politics, health and the arts. She was previously political editor for The National and worked in various roles in TV and radio news.

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Canadian Sikh activist's killing has put a spotlight on India's little-known intelligence agency

The accusations by Canada that India was involved in the June killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar have put the spotlight on India's foreign intelligence agency — the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) — a shadowy spy agency many Canadians have probably never heard of. 

What are the 'Five Eyes'? As Canada accuses India, what you need to know about the intelligence alliance

Following Canada's accusation this week that agents with connections to the Indian government were responsible for the fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Canada's Five Eyes allies have been reluctant to wade too deeply into the incident. Here's what you need to know about the intelligence alliance, and how it could help.

What does the new PWHL mean for women's hockey? A guide for those who aren't fans — yet

Monday is shaping up to be a historic day in Canadian hockey with the first draft of the brand new Professional Women's Hockey League. Interest in the women's game is high. But in case you're new to it, here's a quick primer on the league.

Nipah has sparked a health crisis in southern India. Here's what we know about this deadly virus

The Indian state of Kerala is battling its fourth outbreak of the Nipah virus since 2018. The virus spreads through direct contact, the fruit bat is a natural host and there are no treatments or vaccines.

Canada's emergency alert system has been busy with wildfires and extreme weather. Here's how it works

With the increase in wildfires and other extreme weather events this year, more Canadians have been receiving emergency alerts on their phones, or through other media, directing them to take precautions or even evacuate their homes.

TikTokers tout berberine as 'nature's Ozempic.' Here's why doctors say it's not

Some social media influencers tout the herbal supplement berberine as a weight-loss "miracle" — even fashioning it "nature's Ozempic." But with most things that sound too good to be true, this claim is, too, say doctors — and could pose some risks. Here's what you need to know about berberine. 

Out of control, held, out — What the stages of wildfire mean

With hundreds of wildfires burning, Canadians can access daily updates of which fires are burning out of control, which are being "held," and which are considered "contained." But what does each term mean for people living in the vicinity of the fire — or those trying to fight them on the ground. 

Why Elliot Page is speaking out about being trans 'in this climate of such intense hostility'

Canadian actor Elliot Page says while the idea of speaking publicly about coming out as transgender at times felt overwhelming, he believes visibility and representation is crucial. In his first Canadian interview since transitioning, Page spoke to CBC chief correspondent and host of The National Adrienne Arsenault about his journey and his new memoir, Pageboy.

Some relief in Grande Prairie region as parts of evacuation order lifted

Some residents of the Grande Prairie area were allowed to return to their homes Thursday, as evacuation orders due to the Dunes West wildfire were partially lifted — at least for now. 

With travel demand high, Canada's airports and airlines vow this summer won't be so bad

With almost all COVID-19-related travel restrictions lifted, it's expected that the pent-up desire to get away will result in even higher numbers of Canadians travelling by air over the coming months.