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The history behind the newest federal holiday in the U.S. — Juneteenth

U.S. President Joe Biden made Juneteenth an official federal holiday for Americans this week. Here's the history behind the day.

Vaccine etiquette: What's safe to ask others and what's off the table

The advent of COVID-19 vaccines has provided hope that there will soon be a return to something closer to what we remember as being “normal.” But the shot has also brought a whole new set of experiences and dilemmas.

'If you're sick, stay home' is a non-starter for many Canadians

Most Canadian workers still feel like they can't stay home from work, even if they are worried they might have COVID-19. Despite growing demands for better paid sick leave, most Canadians still have inadequate coverage.

How old do you have to be to get the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in each province?

Many provinces have been lowering the age of eligibility for the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine to as young as 40. Here’s a look at the rules, recommendations and age cutoffs across the country.

This is your brain on pandemic: What chronic stress is doing to us

A year of chronic, unpredictable stress caused by the ongoing pandemic is leaving many people feeling unmotivated, unable to focus and lethargic. Here's why.

New U.S. administration brings fresh momentum to those working to free Canada's '2 Michaels'

For those who have been working for more than two years to free Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor from detention in China, the new U.S. administration brings with it the hope of some new momentum.

When feeling lonely and unhappy veers into depression: challenges of these pandemic holidays

This year, added stress from the second wave of the pandemic is making day to day life even more difficult for many. If you’ve been feeling more down lately compared to during the first wave, you are not alone.

Oncologist fears 'tsunami of cancer' after COVID-19 lockdowns limited screening

Cancer specialists are worried about the significant drop in cancer screening, referrals and diagnoses in Canada since the pandemic began in March. It doesn't mean cancer rates are dropping — it means people with cancer don't know it yet.

It's winter. It's cold. How do I deal with a mask that freezes?

The advice from medical experts this winter is to resist retreating indoors where COVID-19 is much more easily transmitted. Bundle up, mask up if you need to, go outside.   

As COVID-19 cases soar and regions lock down, Dr. Tam has a blunt message about holiday planning

With the holiday season just weeks away, Canadians are wondering if one of the bright spots in Canada's long, dark winter will be another casualty of 2020 — and whether the country will ever get off the roller coaster of flattening the curve only to see cases soar again.