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What experts say Canada needs to do to become a leader in the electric vehicle industry

Canadian companies and governments can seize on the push for electric vehicles happening in the U.S. and become leaders in specific areas of electric vehicle manufacturing and innovation, experts say.

NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars

The car-sized vehicle — the biggest, most sophisticated Mars rover ever built — will attempt to collect rock and soil samples to see if there was ever life on the Red Planet.

A look at new and old spacecraft that have travelled to Mars

Spacecraft from the United Arab Emirates and China have entered Mars's orbit, with a rover from the U.S. set to arrive next week. They'll join eight other craft already near the Red Planet.

Canada jay numbers in southern Ontario decreasing because of climate change, study suggests

University of Guelph researchers found the autumn freeze-thaw cycles caused by climate change are decimating Canada jays in southern Ontario.

We'll wear masks after the pandemic, researchers predict, and they're trying to make them better

While many Canadians may be longing for the day when masks are no longer required, researchers are working on the next generation of personal protective equipment — hoping improvements will make the public use protective gear after the pandemic.

Doomsday Clock hovers dangerously close to midnight, as experts warn of 'crossroads' on climate change

The Doomsday Clock, introduced in 1947 as a symbolic representation of how close humanity is to destroying civilization, remains at 100 seconds to midnight, as experts warn the world is at a 'crossroads' on climate change, but see some positive developments.

First baby tyrannosaur fossils discovered in Alberta, Montana

Researchers have discovered the first baby tyrannosaur fossils in Alberta and Montana.

New year, new tax rules: Why the upcoming tax season will be a challenge

For many, the pandemic changed people's job situation, the source of personal income and introduced unexpected expenses like medical or childcare. 

Remembering the more than 1,000 Albertans who have died of COVID-19

More than a thousand Albertans have now died due to COVID-19, and family and friends want people to know that there are many affected by the loss.

7 pediatric patients relocated from Stollery ICU for COVID-19 patients

Pediatric patients were moved from the third floor of the Stollery to the pediatric cardiac ICU (PCICU) on the sixth floor of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute on Friday.