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Meet the 'previvors': Women who have an increased risk for cancer

What would you do if you found out you had a hereditary gene that increased your risk for cancer? For some individuals, it's a difficult decision. For others, preventative surgeries are the only option.

ER physician's project uses donated cellphones to connect vulnerable with ongoing medical care

A project started by a Toronto ER physician that provides prepaid cellphones to people who are homeless or socially isolated could be a way to get those patients better followup care outside of the emergency department.

What you need to know about protein supplements, and if you need them

Protein supplements are common items in grocery stores and pharmacies. But do you need them? Two experts weigh in on who should add protein supplements to their diets.

A test of dark chocolate found traces of lead and cadmium. Do you need to give it up?

A Consumer Reports test of 28 dark chocolate bars found most had high levels of lead, cadmium or sometimes both. But experts say no need to panic.

What experts say you should know about ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is considered to be the most serious of women's cancers. That's why experts say women should know about their risks and prevention.

Rural ER docs are struggling to do it all. Peer support programs try to lessen the load

Rural emergency care can be challenging, with fewer staff, limited resources and complex health needs. Peer-to-peer support lines in B.C. and Ontario are trying to provide a second opinion for the doctors doing it all.

What doctors recommend to treat symptoms of menopause transition

The menopause transition can cause more than 30 symptoms, and many readers had questions about them. Here's what doctors recommend to treatment symptoms, from night sweats to brain fog.

When should someone with dementia stop driving? This resource helps seniors decide

A website can help those with dementia understand the importance of giving up driving — and when to do it. Doctors say it's a badly needed resource as Canada's population ages.

Curious about intermittent fasting? Here's what experts say you should know

More research on the long-term effects of intermittent fasting on health is still needed, according to researchers. But for those who want to try out fasting, experts share their best tips.

Get your booster dose as new Omicron offshoot spreads: Canada's top doctor

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, urged people to get their booster shots Friday as COVID-19 activity continues to fluctuate in the country.