Solomon Israel

Solomon Israel is a producer and writer for CBC News, based in Toronto. He's been on the business news beat since 2011, with stints covering technology, world, and local news. More recently, Solomon has been covering issues related to marijuana legalization. He can be reached at, or on Twitter: @sol_israel.

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Interest rates have finally increased: How that could affect your loans

The Bank of Canada increased its key interest rate on Wednesday morning. Learn about how an interest rate hike could affect your loans.

After Bank of Canada hikes rates, what happens to the Canadian dollar?

If you're planning a summertime trip to the U.S., keep a close eye on the loonie next Wednesday. That's when the Bank of Canada is widely expected to increase interest rates, a move that could boost the value of the Canadian dollar.

Canada 150 marketing campaigns a balancing act between tasteful and tacky

As Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, It seems every brand in the country is trying to grab a piece of history with a Canada 150-themed marketing campaign. But such campaigns can be risky, marketing experts say.

'We used to be savers': Why Canadians ignore warnings about debt

Canadians have heard the message over and over again: Personal debt levels are alarmingly high, especially in light of interest rates that are only poised to increase.

Uber rolls out driver tipping feature in U.S., suggests Canada to come

In an announcement to U.S. Uber drivers, the ride-hailing service says it will roll out a tipping function for its app in all U.S. cities by the end of July.

Canadians' love for debt taking us into uncharted territory, PBO report warns

Canadians are expected to keep piling on more debt, even in the face of a long-anticipated increase in interest rates, taking household financial vulnerability to levels never seen before, a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office says.

As provinces seek the 'right' price for pot, how it's sold could matter

Provincial finance ministers are being told to keep taxes on legal marijuana sales low, or risk undercutting the government's goal of ending black market cannabis sales. But enticing consumers to buy legal marijuana over illicit weed will also require a competitive retail system, some argue.

Canada's biggest cities move to regulate Airbnb, but it's no easy task

Following in the footsteps of major municipalities around the world, Canada's biggest cities are getting closer to regulating Airbnb, the streamlined service that allows homeowners to rent their part or all of their properties out on a short-term basis.

Sears Canada's future is in doubt. How did it come to this?

Retailer Sears Canada is on the ropes, warning investors that it might have to restructure its business or seek a buyer. The corporate crisis is decades in the making, say retail analysts.

Government to speed up permit processing for foreign high-skilled workers

A federal government initiative promises to make it easier and faster for companies to bring high-skilled, temporary workers to Canada, but one expert on innovation policy says the measure doesn't provide the long-term recruitment solutions Canadian businesses need.