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Sneha spent six years in Indian newsrooms as a reporter, before moving to Canada in 2020. She has primarily covered courts, while also extensively reporting on humanitarian crisis, human trafficking and violation of gender rights. When not out gathering stories, she spent her pre-pandemic days trekking and stargazing in the Himalayas. Drop her an email at

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Brampton mayoral candidate Nikki Kaur says she's been 'terminated' from city job after losing race

A Brampton mayoral candidate who lost to Patrick Brown in the municipal election on Monday says she has been "terminated" from her job at the city of Brampton.

This Brampton woman couldn't find Diwali greeting cards. So she started a company to make her own

A lack of South Asian greeting cards in the GTA has prompted one Brampton woman to start her own line of holiday cards for people from those communities. 

She got a voter card, but she's a permanent resident who can't vote in Ontario

Maneet Nagra's situation raises questions about why permanent residents cannot vote, especially following an election that saw the lowest voter turnout in Ontario's history.

'Nearly identical' antisemitic graffiti found at 3 Toronto high schools

"Nearly identical" antisemitic graffiti was found at three Toronto schools on Wednesday morning and Toronto police say the vandalism may be linked.

Toronto nurse told by condominium to get rid of her dog because it weighs too much

Lindsay McCarthy adopted Poppy to get her through the stress she was under due to the pandemic. But now, the company that manages the condo building she lives in wants Poppy out because the dog weighs too much.

Got a bike you're not using? This cycling group can help you donate it to a woman who needs it

A Toronto-area group has launched a program that matches people who have bikes they're no longer using to women who need them. The program helps immigrant women for whom cycling was "a childhood dream which they could not achieve in their home country," the group's co-founder says.

Toronto laundromat owner offers free service to those in need amid the pandemic

Nancy Seto has initiated an online fund-raising campaign to help people struggling financially in this pandemic by offering free service at her laundromat.