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Quebec coroner's inquiry into 2019 murder-suicide of Montreal family opens

The inquiry was ordered after a coroner's report that was critical of prosecutors and a provincial judge, saying they could have done more to prevent the deaths of Dahia Khellaf, 42, and her sons, Adam, 4, and Aksil, 2.

Quebec man who killed 3 people at random 'not psychotic,' says psychiatrist

Psychiatrist who saw Abdulla Shaikh in March 2022 says "if he was psychotic, he hid it very, very well." Five months later, Shaikh shot and killed three men at random and was himself killed by Montreal police.

MK-ULTRA mind control experiments: Quebec high court says U.S. has immunity in Canada

In a 3-0 decision rendered Monday, the province's highest court upheld a lower court decision that said a 1982 Canadian law governing how foreign states can be sued in the country cannot be used retroactively.

Quebec coroner hears from grieving families affected by 2022 random shootings

The sister of one of the victims of a Montreal-area murder spree in August 2022 told a coroner today she lives with a tremendous amount of grief over the loss of her younger brother.

Guns used in 2022 random killings in Montreal were homemade, coroner hears

Coroner's inquiry also heard details of police operation that ended with Abullah Shaikh's death in a Montreal motel room in August 2022.

Group hopes to reopen 128-year-old Cyclorama of Jerusalem, near Quebec City

The last cyclorama in Canada has been hidden from public view since it shuttered in 2018, but a small group of people are hoping to revive the once popular attraction.

Mohawk Mothers seek halt to excavation amid former Montreal hospital grave search

The Mothers told the court Thursday that the archeological survey of the area under construction is not being handled according to an agreement reached in April between them and the developers.

Informant at heart of Quebec's secret trial sues authorities for $5.8M

The existence of the secret trial only came to light because the informant appealed and the Court of Appeal in March 2022 set aside the conviction and wrote a decision that was highly critical of the secrecy surrounding the original trial.

Calls to make swimming lessons more available in Quebec after deadly year on water

It has been a particularly deadly year on the water in Quebec, where more than a third of all drownings reported in Canada in 2023 have occurred.

Mission Impossible: Montreal's new light-rail train traps users in railway garage

After a night out at the movies, a Montreal couple decided to take the new light-rail system home to Nuns' Island. Instead, the train went in the wrong direction all the way to the garage.