Shari Okeke

Shari Okeke is writer/broadcaster for Daybreak on CBC Radio, and creator of Mic Drop, an award-winning CBC original podcast.

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This Montrealer leads walking tours to teach others about Black history

Rito Joseph learned about his own Haitian history as a child, but as an adult, he has learned about Montreal's stories and now shares them by taking tour groups through Old Montreal.

Volunteers sew hundreds of headbands to help ease strain on health-care workers' ears

Former emergency room nurse Sabrina Maryse Stoute knows how sore ears get while wearing masks for long hours, so she created a community of volunteers that is sewing hundreds of headbands that help relieve the pain, and is delivering them to health-care workers at Montreal hospitals.

No physio, no socializing: Kids with special needs face new challenges during COVID-19

Working from home while supervising school work, calming kids’ nerves and keeping them entertained has been a real challenge for many parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s even harder for parents whose children have special needs.

This Montrealer is inspiring young women to 'change the world'

Aminka Belvitt was recently recognized by the Women's Y Foundation of Montreal for her work as founder of the For Us Girls Foundation, as well as her own start-up, WofemTech Solutions, and A New Reality, a tech summit for girls in New York City.

Black Muslim women empowering each other to break stereotypes — within their own communities

Oumalker Idil Kalif, a Somali Montrealer, says she does not feel welcome in many Quebec mosques and, at times, has been outright ignored. Her experiences led her to co-found Femmes Noires Musulmanes au Québec.

Men, these girls would like a word with you

For CBC Montreal's series Close Up on Gender, Daybreak's Shari Okeke meets up with 14-year-old girls who play for Les Amazones, a Laval-Montreal Bantam Triple-A girls hockey team. The teens discuss their heartbreak over the Canadian Women's Hockey League deciding to fold and why they believe gender stereotypes are to blame.

This family wraps Christmas gifts with fabric, not paper

Rina Albala, a mother of three, shows Daybreak's Shari Okeke how she's reducing waste this holiday season by wrapping all Christmas gifts with fabric.

Montreal daycare invites drag queen Barbada for storytime

Barbada brought her big pink hair, big earrings, colourful dresses and warm smile to the daycare, and the children were fascinated by her.

Why some mothers keep using cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Three mothers tell Daybreak's Shari Okeke why they continued to use cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding and how their children are doing so far.

Montreal artist with ovarian cancer says ordeal will shape her vote

A Montreal artist in treatment for ovarian cancer reached out to Daybreak's Shari Okeke about how her ordeal is affecting her vote in the Quebec election.