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Uber drivers often unaware of tax obligations

Tax experts say the most common misconception among those who drive for Uber is that their earnings are tax-free.

How a criminal indictment could affect Hillary Clinton's run for U.S. presidency

Depending where you sit on the political spectrum, an indictment against Hillary Clinton over her lingering email scandal is either as unavoidable as an eastern sunrise or the longest of long shots. We take a look at how an indictment would affect her presidential run.

Legalized marijuana as a tax boon? Don't count on it

How much revenue will Ottawa and the provinces make if marijuana is legalized? Estimates put the figure at about $5 billion, but there are many unanswered questions that could move that figure in either direction.

Canada, OECD countries inch toward closing tax loopholes for the rich

Efforts are afoot to close tax loopholes that cost governments and taxpayers billions every year — meaning even those famously secretive bankers in the Alps might someday have to open their books.

Paris attacks raise questions about security, immigration

The deadly attacks that rocked Paris Friday night raise questions about how effective France's efforts have been to improve security following the Charlie Hebdo killings, and whether lawmakers there will change their tune on immigration in the face of Europe's refugee crisis.

Justin Trudeau — the details of his life, then and now

Not without reason, the impending arrival of Canada's first tattooed, strip-teasing, amateur boxing, marijuana-reforming prime minister has piqued the interest of political junkies at home and around the world.

Bombardier's CSeries dogged by low oil, risk-averse airlines

Aerospace analysts say low fuel prices and risk-averse airlines are putting a damper on Bombardier's efforts to sell its new CSeries jets, and that the Montreal-based manufacturer may need to sell a stake in its railway division in the years ahead.

Russian airstrikes in Syria about regaining global status

Analysts say Moscow has entered the war in Syria to protect its interests in the Mediterranean, while gaining further status on the world stage. But it also raises the chance that Russia and the U.S. might end up shooting at each other.

Taliban seizure of Kunduz sends message to Kabul, Europe

The Taliban continues to challenge Afghanistan's government and, with the seizure of a provincial capital in the north, is showing that it can make make life difficult for Kabul and its neighbours by sending more refugees into Europe.

Drug price regulations need overhaul to protect consumers, experts say

It's often said that only suckers pay the sticker price. But that's what Canada often pays for prescription drugs, according to experts, because of a regulatory system that's fallen out of step with the realities of today's pharmaceutical market.