Sean Brocklehurst


Sean Brocklehurst is a producer with The National and creative and editorial lead of Campus on CBC Radio. Sean has been in the thick of some of the biggest events of our generation — producing award-winning stories, documentaries and CBC News shows covering everything from the 9/11 attacks and Barack Obama's presidential campaign, to the tsunami and nuclear disaster that rocked Japan.

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Jann Arden's long road: Entertainer opens up about tumultuous childhood, imprisoned brother, finding herself

Music icon Jann Arden, a new inductee to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, says she’s finally at peace with herself.

Malcolm Gladwell on why it's so tricky detecting liars based on behaviour

People who think they're good at determining whether someone is lying based on their behavioural cues are most likely deceiving themselves, says author Malcolm Gladwell, adding that our inability to accurately read some people can lead to a lot of problems.

Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett offers an intimate look behind the scenes of his presidency

Former presidential senior adviser Valerie Jarrett talks about her unique relationship with the Obama family, her time in the White House, the challenges they faced - and the tweet that ended Roseanne Barr's career.

Will Kawhi remain a Raptor? Could Canada get another NBA team?: Commissioner Adam Silver weighs in

In an exclusive interview, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talks about the possibility of a second Canadian team, the role of women in basketball, the issue of mental health in sports, and everyone’s burning question: Will Kawhi Leonard stay in Toronto?

Dane against the machine: Tech-diplomat aims to protect fundamentals of democracy in digital age

In the age of big tech scandals, data leaks and cyber-attacks, a diplomat from Denmark is grappling with global governments and tech titans to protect digital interests and preserve democracy.

Why a dying Gord Downie struggled to reveal 'The Secret Path' to Canadians

In his last year, while living with his own tragic story of terminal cancer, singer Gord Downie was consumed by another. He was transfixed by Chanie Wenjack, a 12-year-old Anishinaabe residential school student who died of hunger and exhaustion while trying to walk 600 km home to his family.

'I'm an artist that draws on real life': How M.I.A. got her name and political persona

What was supposed to be a music documentary, ended up being an in-depth, intimate look at M.I.A.’s journey from war torn Sri Lanka to international stardom.

'I wanted to be a gangster': Quincy Jones on battling Michael Jackson, befriending Sinatra and more

From bebop to hip hop, Quincy Jones has made an indelible imprint on the sound of generations. And based on the plans he shares with CBC in this interview, the 85-year-old is not slowing down.

'Deep listening': How Jeremy Dutcher crafted his fascinating Polaris Prize-winning album

Jeremy Dutcher was inspired to write his Polaris Music Prize-winning album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa after listening to century-old archival recordings of Wolastoq songs in a language now spoken by fewer than 100 people.

1 year later, Trump sparks hope and pain in Miami

One year into Donald Trump’s U.S. presidency, CBC Radio’s World at Six returns to Miami and finds supporters inspired by his actions and opponents troubled by what they have seen out of the White House.