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How you can kick-start collaboration at work for better job satisfaction

Whether you're working hybrid, remotely or on a jobsite full-time, communication and collaboration are key to productivity and job satisfaction. We explore how designers can help foster collaboration and help us reconnect and build community.

Sci-fi storytelling gives us the tools to imagine better futures, says researcher

From the moon landing to universal translators, science fiction has offered us visions of our technological future. But the genre also offers writers and thinkers around the world the tools to tell futuristic stories that reflect their own realities.

What the BlackBerry story can teach us about challenges of innovation

With the theatrical release of a new movie about the rise and fall of BlackBerry, director Matt Johnson and innovation expert Elizabeth Altman look at the story of the iconic company, and why it's so hard to keep up the pace of innovation.

How yeast and bacteria could be key to future fashion design

From fungus as a leather alternative, to microbial fabric, researchers are tackling the environmental impact of the apparel industry by experimenting with new sustainable approaches to textile design.

How 'influencer creep' altered creative industries and our lives online

Influencers are often associated with the worst parts of social media, but they've also given birth to a multi-billion dollar global industry and shaped the way we present ourselves online.

How 'compassionate ageism' made its way into design of new technology

If older people are using technology, why aren't their needs factored into its design? That's a question researchers at the intersection of digital innovation and aging are looking into.

Birth control pill's legacy coloured by coercion and oppression, says researcher

From family planning to sexual freedom, the birth control pill was groundbreaking when it first hit the market, but what many didn't expect was the far-reaching reverberations it would have over time, beyond pregnancy prevention.

Smartphones may be our greatest tool for outdoor and indoor navigation

Navigation technology has come a long way since the invention of the compass. And while outdoor wayfinding has been the focus of much research and innovation in this space, indoor positioning and navigation technology has also made inroads.

Designing tech for the most vulnerable users leads to better products for all, says researcher

Consumer technology must be designed with the needs of its most vulnerable users in mind, says human rights researcher Afsaneh Rigot.

Conundrum Press launches mini-comic bursary for Black and Indigenous emerging creators

The $1,000 bursary will support the creation and production of a mini-comic. The publisher will also help with the distribution of the selected work.