Samantha Lui

Associate Producer

Samantha Lui is an associate producer for CBC Toronto's Metro Morning. She has also produced stories for CBC News Network and several CBC Radio programs: The Current, Cross Country Checkup, As It Happens, Now or Never and The Doc Project. Before that, she worked as a reporter for CBC Sudbury and interned at Hong Kong's English daily newspaper, South China Morning Post. You can reach her by email at

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Why some K-pop fans are calling for more environmentally friendly practices in the industry

For K-Pop fans, physical albums and merch made by the bands they love are often collector’s items. They're also used by K-pop agencies to boost an artist's success. But there is an environmental cost.

Writers are finding ways to revive the endangered art of handwriting

Chicken scratch, scribbles and scrawls have often been used to describe messy handwriting. Though if you're having trouble deciphering your own writing or someone else's chances are you are not alone.
Metro Morning

Think pigeons are 'rats with wings?' This 11-year-old from Toronto wants to change your mind

Charlotte Cassell is on a mission to prove people wrong about pigeons. The 11-year-started racing the birds two years ago. Now she has 20 pigeons that race each weekend against up to 1,000 other birds.

K-pop bands are redefining live music, fan experiences with virtual concerts

Mega-popular K-pop groups like BTS have been experimenting with hybrid live-and-virtual concerts. Experts say the business model is so profitable, it will likely continue well after the pandemic is over.

How a Korean-Canadian connected with his roots by working at his family's restaurant

Jason Lee and his mother Ok Re Lee manage Korean Village Restaurant together. But growing up, Jason never really had a close relationship with his family.

'Like a cooked tomato': Why drinking can feel isolating when you have 'Asian glow'

For Samantha Lui, drinking has led to embarrassing situations because her face turns bright red.

This Scarborough business gives families a taste of home through Lunar New Year snacks

The Tam family runs Wai Tack Kee, a manufacturing company that specializes in Lunar New Year snacks.

New pilot program allows Canadians to privately sponsor North Korean refugees

Toronto-based non-profit HanVoice is partnering with the Canadian government on a new pilot program to allow Canadians to privately sponsor North Korean refugees.
Personal Essay

In defense of fangirls: Why being part of the BTS fandom is helping me through the pandemic

Isolated from family and friends during the pandemic, Samantha Lui found comfort in becoming a fan of the South Korean boy band BTS.

U of Guelph team tests produce decontamination technology on hospital gowns

Researchers at the University of Guelph recently received $25,000 dollars from the Ontario Centres of Excellence to test technology typically used to get rid of bacteria on produce for use in hospitals during the novel coronavirus pandemic.