Salimah Shivji


Salimah Shivji is CBC's new India correspondent, soon to be based in Mumbai. She has been a senior reporter with CBC's Parliamentary Bureau and has covered everything from climate change to corruption across Canada.

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Omicron variant threatens to jeopardize another season in India's tourist-dependent Goa

This was supposed to be the year that international tourism bounced back, but the Omicron variant is changing that. And for many in Goa, India, who depend on tourist dollars for their income, the pandemic hardships they've endured to date is now mixed with additional uncertainty.

Facebook has a massive disinformation problem in India. This student learned firsthand how damaging it can be

Serious concerns are being raised about Facebook’s ability to curb the spread of hate speech, inflammatory language and intentional disinformation on its site in India, home to the largest number of Facebook users in the world.

How India's farmers faced down their prime minister and won

Thousands of farmers forced India's prime minister into a rare reversal on Nov. 19, when Narendra Modi announced his government would repeal three agricultural reform laws that the farmers feared would shatter livelihoods and allow big corporations to seize control of the sector.

Why India can't live without coal despite its negative environmental effects

India is not yet ready to leave coal behind, a critical energy source that provides more than 70 percent of the developing country's power as well as 4 million jobs, even as those in coal-rich states struggle with water scarcity and pollution.

Tiger attacks on the rise in India's coal-rich region

Chandrapur is home to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, where rigorous conservation efforts have seen the number of tigers double in the last five years.

Financial, emotional scars of India's 2nd wave of COVID-19 still fresh

While India provides public health care, the system is chronically underfunded — and there's a growing dependence on private hospitals, with a large proportion of Indians forced to pay bills out of pocket. At the same time, those left widowed or orphaned by the pandemic are struggling to access government assistance.

India's protesting farmers set sights on key state election

Farmers in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, are hoping to use a forthcoming election to continue their months-long fight against controversial new farming laws passed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government last year.

England's reopening provokes anxiety for some who have weakened immune systems

The relaxation of England's coronavirus restrictions is stirring concern among some people who have weakened immune systems and are more clinically vulnerable to the possibility of an infection.

Popularity crumbles for Indian PM Modi as devastating COVID-19 surge continues

A leader whose popularity has seemed virtually unassailable is now dealing with deep anger over his COVID-19 response, with scenes of the country's health system failing, crematoriums overwhelmed, and Indians pleading for basic medical supplies.

In India, people are begging for hospital beds and oxygen cylinders on social media

As Indians scramble to secure oxygen and public health experts warn infections aren't likely to fall much over the next few weeks, India's devastating second wave is being blamed on several factors, including mass gatherings and complacency about public health guidelines.