Robin De Angelis

Robin De Angelis is a multimedia journalist based in southwestern Ontario. She has previously worked as a reporter covering local news in Sudbury. Get in touch on Twitter @RobinElizabethD or by email

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'Touch tours' bring Stratford Festival stage to life for people with visual impairments

The Stratford Festival is helping to make live theatre more accessible for people who are blind or have visual impairments. Touch tours give people a behind-the-scenes experience where they can feel the intricate costumes from 'Merry Wives of Windsor.'

Look down! Public art draws attention to water pollution problems

A public art project in London is raising awareness about pollution in local lakes and rivers.

Long Point 'open for business' despite provincial park closure

It's been a difficult summer for business owners in Port Rowan and Long Point, on the shores of Lake Erie. Tourism has been down ever since Long Point Provincial Park closed its campgrounds due to flooding in early July.

Zoning approved for casino development in London's south end

City council voted to rezone the land on Wonderland Road South where Gateway Casinos and Entertainment plans to build a $75-million entertainment complex called the Starlight Casino.

Pile of bricks next to London business leads to concerns about vandalism

Cedric K.T. Cheung, the owner of the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture on Wellington Street, says a pallets of bricks from the old church next door have been left sitting in the yard for six years.

Sewer backup causes headache for London woman faced with repair bill from city

Karen Ramsay, who has lived in her home on Ada Street for more than four decades, says sewage flooding her basement has been a constant problem over the last three years.

These devices are catching litter before it ends up in lakes and rivers

The LittaTrap is a mesh basket that is inserted into a catch basin to collect cigarette butts, coffee cups and litter that would otherwise end up in the sewer system.

London supports push for industry to shoulder blue box program cost

The City of London is welcoming the Ontario government’s push to make industry producers more responsible for the plastics and packaging that end up in the recycling bin, following a special advisor's report on the blue bin program.
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This shop is helping trans and non-binary people in London access safe chest binders

For many trans and non-binary people, chest binding is an important way to express their gender identity. Spot of Delight, a sexual health store in downtown London, runs a binder exchange program to help make binders more accessible.

How a team of Canadian grad students is setting the stage for the next lunar mission

It's been 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing and as the countdown to the next lunar mission begins, a team of Western University graduate students is helping to lay the foundation for a Canadian-made lunar rover.