Rick MacInnes-Rae

World Affairs

Until his retirement in July 2014, Rick MacInnes-Rae was the World Affairs Correspondent for CBC News. A former Europe Correspondent and host of Dispatches, his 37-year- career with the CBC has taken him across much of the globe.

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Rick MacInnes-Rae says goodbye

Sixty-six countries in 37 years of mostly foreign reporting and veteran correspondent Rick MacInnes-Rae has decided to pack it in. But not before a few last thoughts — his version of the six-word novel.

Shadeism: Filmmaker looks at discrimination among people of colour

'For centuries we have hidden from' the sun, says Tamil filmmaker Nayani Thiyagarajah. 'It makes us darker. And in my culture, dark ain't lovely.' Her upcoming documentary, which is currently finishing production, looks at shadeism, a form of discrimination by people of colour against each other.

Eritrea collecting 'money for the dictator' from expats in Canada

In 2013, Canada expelled the top Eritrean diplomat in response to reports that the repressive African nation was levying a controversial tax on expats living in Canada. As Rick MacInnes-Rae reports, Eritrea is still collecting that levy, but through subtler means.

Canada narrows list of possible locations for nuclear waste facility

Canada is a step closer to picking a place to store spent nuclear fuel underground for the next 100,000 years, a project that's backfired on some of the world's other nuclear economies.

Malaysia Airlines: Canadian passenger's ties to India's ruling class

The two Canadians missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, businessman Muktesh Mukherjee, who was born in India, and his China-born wife, Bai Xiaomo, have roots that run deep in India's powerful political and ruling class.

Suspected terrorist links to synthetic ID fraud are being 'ignored'

The growing problem of synthetic identity fraud is raising concerns that terrorist cells could be linked to these schemes, experts say.

Russia, EU in ‘bidding war’ for Ukraine’s loyalty: Rick MacInnes-Rae

In a surprising reversal, the European Union is mounting an aggressive new cash campaign to bring Ukraine into the western orbit. With Russia focused on hosting the Olympics, will this gambit work?

GMO salmon firm clears one hurdle but still waits for key OKs

Despite Environment Canada's recent approval to produce genetically modified salmon eggs on a commercial scale, AquaBounty Technologies said it is awaiting market approval in Canada and United States.

How Canada tried – and failed – to help Haiti's Aristide return to power

Twenty-two years ago Canada went to bat for the fiery Haitian priest whose campaign of class warfare won him the presidency, until the military took it away. It was an object lesson, Rick MacInnes-Rae writes, in "the limits of diplomacy" that may still apply.

Eritreans in Canada say consul still demands cash from them

Evidence obtained by CBC News suggests Eritrea's top diplomat in Canada is again soliciting taxes from the Eritrean community despite a threat by Canada eight months ago not to renew his credentials if he kept at it.