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Randi Beers is a reporter for CBC News in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

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Yellowknife dance group organizer questions city's high Chase the Ace lottery fees

As a Yellowknife dance troupe waits for the city to update a bylaw regulating lottery fees, an organizer of that group is wondering why the city's administration won't use a clause, written into the current law, that could improve those fees now.

Mould cleanup at Yellowknife's new hospital could have put patients at risk, warn staff

Water leaks and mould have plagued Yellowknife’s new Stanton Territorial Hospital since day one, and staff have expressed repeated concerns that vulnerable patients weren’t protected from risks caused by cleaning up these problems, CBC News has learned.

Officials believe bear found dead outside Yellowknife was dragged by dog leash

An official with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources believes a leash was used to drag bear into the bush.

'It will be good TV:' Yellowknifers to appear on Family Feud Canada

'We’re gonna have to watch tons and tons of reruns of Family Feud, and I think we’ll do a couple of mock sessions to get ourselves ready,' says Aaron Hernandez.

First Nation wants N.W.T. gov't to enforce benefits agreement for oil and gas work

A lawyer for the Acho Dene Koe First Nation said he isn't sure what's in the benefit plan. That’s because the plan itself was redacted from the court record, filed under 'privileged information.'

Deline attracts Chinese tourists after tourism agreement fizzles

The manager of Grey Goose Lodge is working on an itinerary for a group of five tourists who happen to be — as far as he knows — the first to visit the community from China.

Persistent raven's visit to Inuvik woman's window serves up a scare

'I was so scared I went to grab a hammer, or my meat hammer, to bang on the wall and I was panicking and I grabbed a potato masher,' says Tanya Gruben.

N.W.T. man found guilty of sexual assaults against 2 women at his Ndilo home

In delivering her verdict, Supreme Court Justice Charbonneau said that overall she had 'serious concerns' about the reliability of key aspects of Peter Tsetta’s testimony, and found the testimonies of the two women to be largely corroborated.

N.W.T. MLA steps back from move toward party politics

'Unfortunately, there was a concerted campaign of disinformation and intimidation launched by supporters of the way things are,' said Kam Lake MLA Kieron Testart, who did not name names.

From wolves to 'idiots' with backhoes, threats to fibre lines in the North are many

Since its construction in March 2017, the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link has been struck by lightning, snagged and run over by a contractor, and chewed at by wildlife — 'most likely' wolves.