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Firefighting needs 'all hands on deck' to keep up with wildfires

It’s going to take a full team effort to combat wildfires in Alberta and across the Canada, says Jane Park. But for that, she says, the firefighting field needs to become a whole lot more welcoming.

Some Albertans stayed to protect their homes from wildfires. Now they say more help is needed

Samantha Callioux says communities in Alberta have stepped up to protect themselves from forest fires. Now, the rancher says, it’s time for government to catch up.

Why scientists suggest you take space sex ed before blasting off

As space tourism appears to be a very real part of the future, professor David Cullen says bedroom shenanigans need to be discussed.

Saving kidnapped girls in Nigeria is the first step. Mental health support after is key

The struggle for abducted Nigerian women and girls doesn’t end when they escape, says Dr. Fatima Akilu. The trauma scars them, and she says it’s important they receive the mental health help they desperately need.

What happened when Harry Belafonte hosted The Tonight Show in 1968

For one week in 1968, it was Harry Belafonte’s interview skills, not his singing or acting, that grabbed headlines. Belafonte hosted The Tonight Show and interviewed a number of Black icons, including Martin Luther King Jr.

Rats get a bad rap. These landmine-sniffing rodents are helping change that

You should clap when you see a rat, not shriek, according to wildlife care specialist Cari Inserra. While the creatures are most commonly considered to be pests, Inserra wants people to know that rats are actually saving lives across the world.

From periods to religion, Judy Blume guided kids through the uncertainty of growing up

Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok directed a new documentary about Judy Blume called Judy Blume Forever. Blume wrote books that most often told the story of young girls growing up, and the challenges that came along with it.

Release the mosquitos! How 5 billion bugs will help fight dengue fever in Brazil

The World Mosquito Program plans to release the billions of bugs from a mosquito factory that will be built in Brazil in an effort to slow the transmission of dengue fever in the country.

Banks' investments in fossil fuels threaten economy and climate alike, advocate says

If banks want to prove they are serious about fighting climate change, it’s going to take actions, not words, according to Matt Price.

Advocates hopeful new auto-tax filing system could help low income families break even

Donna McBride of Calgary files her adult son’s taxes for him every year. He has a disability, and can’t do it himself. But a new pilot program from the federal government aims to take that task out of her hands.