Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson is the host of Fast Food, a food writer, podcast host and regular contributor to CBC. He has a never-ending passion for food, which he shares on his website,, and in magazines, on radio and TV, and CBC Edmonton's annual best restaurants list.

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Through the Pass

'We don't hire cooks ... we just hire people with goodwill'

In our new web series, Through the Pass, Phil Wilson heads into the kitchen to find stories behind some of our favourite dishes.

How to make OG (Original Grandma) perogies from scratch

Any time a fourth-generation perogy master is willing to share secrets from her great grandmother’s cheddar perogies, you listen up.

Spicy, crunchy and colourful: Korean-style cold noodle salad hits all the flavour notes

Chef Christine Sandford spends her days at Biera crafting delicious and creative foods that give the illusion of simplicity but in reality takes an enormous amount work to create. 

Grilling up a chicken tikka pita taco

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald executive chef Mridul Bhatt shares his recipe for the perfect patio bite.

Shake and bake your way to a simple Greek supper

Chef Theo Psalios takes a cue from his Greek heritage and creates a quick and satisfying souvlaki-inspired meal.

Mom's tuna melt goes upscale with smoked salmon, fresh herbs

London Local chef Lindsay Porter whips up a smoked-salmon melt for a quick and tasty meal she can make in a hurry, but sit down and savour.

'Look what I made': The rise of sourdough, right here in river city

For traditional bakers, it all starts with a starter and time. For people who enjoy eating good bread, the options are endless. Traditional bread-making in Edmonton is seeing great growth.

From Venezuela to your own kitchen: a delicious, traditional yoyo

A traditional recipe from Venezuela, the yoyo is often served as mid-afternoon snack.

Easy Mexican empanadas made from scratch

Chef Mariel Montero at Huma Mexican Comfort shows how you can make one of her most popular dishes at home.

How to make authentic Italian pasta

Daniel Costa is the chef/owner of three popular Edmonton restaurants - Corso 32, Bar Bricco and Uccellino - but he's also the head chef at home, too. Costa shares one of his favourite recipes that can be on the table in mere minutes.