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Peggy is a reporter, currently seconded to CBC's health unit. She's based in Winnipeg. Got a story idea? Email her at

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Canadian study offers important clue to why some back pain becomes chronic

A study conducted by researchers at McGill University and scientists from Italy suggests that blocking inflammation after injury might make that pain chronic — a finding that challenges the standard approach to treating pain.

Canadian Blood Services to end blood ban for men who have sex with men

As Canadian Blood Services moves to end its policy that restricts men who have sex with men from donating blood for three months after being sexually active, an advocate who fought to change it says the new policy is still discriminatory. 

'Promising' breathalyzer-style COVID test highlights need for better data, experts say

New ways of testing for COVID-19 bring promises of accessibility and fast results, but that doesn't diminish the need for consistent national data on case counts, experts say.

Winnipeg homeowners grapple with damaged homes, ruined basements amid flooding from spring storm

The spring storm calling for 30 to 60 millimetres of rain and snow has flooded and damaged the homes of many Winnipeggers — leaving some wondering what they should do next. 

2 groups rescued after getting stuck on closed winter roads

A group of three people in northern Manitoba were rescued by helicopter on Monday after they got stuck on a closed winter road Sunday and had to spend the night where they were because police couldn't find them at first.

Winnipeg man, 78, fears dying in pain after four years of waiting for spinal surgery

Despite the province's promise to alleviate surgical backlog, Garth Merkeley says there's been no word on when he can get a procedure that will relieve him of pain.

Residents in North Point Douglas clean up garbage by Red River after six-month wait for city

Fed up with waiting for the city, are residents are taking matters into their own hands.

Dalhousie School in Winnipeg takes home $1,000 prize for building 55 snow people

For this year's submission, 250 students spent an afternoon building 55 snow people with signs of hello in different languages. 

Coalition wants more support for internationally educated teachers to land permanent jobs

The call comes along a newly-released report that highlights a lack of diverse teachers in schools.

Manitoba's Iranian community celebrate Nowruz in person for first time in two years

After waiting two long years, members of Manitoba’s Iranian community are finally celebrating Nowruz — Persian New Year — in person.