Paul Thomas

Paul G. Thomas is a professor emeritus of political studies at the University of Manitoba where he taught Canadian politics for over 40 years. Many decades ago, he developed his lifelong interest in intergovernmental affairs in his first job out of university as a policy analyst for federal-provincial relations in Manitoba's department of finance. He admires both Gary Doer and Brian Pallister.

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Can Manitoba's Liberal party become a real contender again?

As the Liberals in Manitoba get closer to choosing a new leader on Oct. 21, there is talk of a possible revival of a party that has not been a serious contender for power in three decades, writes professor emeritus Paul Thomas.

A healthy deal for Manitoba?

After a long fight over future joint funding of health care in this province, on Aug. 21, Manitoba became the last province to sign a deal with the federal government. But what should Manitobans make of the recent agreement?

Party loyalty shouldn't stifle constructive debate in Manitoba Legislature

The best tactic for dealing with "rogue backbencher" Steven Fletcher's dissent? Premier Brian Pallister should simply allow it.

Let's make a deal: Time for Pallister's health-care troublemaking to end

It is past time for Premier Brian Pallister to end the escalating feud with the Trudeau government over financial transfers for health care.

Record PC victory in Manitoba may not signal political realignment

There has been a cyclical pattern to election outcomes in Manitoba. Voters tend to support one party for about 10 years before demanding change. Is the victory of the Brian Pallister's Progressive Conservatives mean a new era of provincial politics? Maybe now, political scientist Paul Thomas says.

Exploring the little-known world of lobbying in Manitoba

Most Manitobans might not realize it, but networks of organizations and consultants that lobby politicians play a critical role in how policies are formed.

Can the NDP recover from its infighting?

The NDP was already facing a steep, uphill struggle to win a fifth consecutive term in office at the April 2016 election.

Charting the Manitoba NDP leadership race

Early numbers might suggest that Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger is in deep trouble in his fight to keep his job, but the numbers need to be interpreted cautiously.

Power and ethics in NDP leadership fight

The increasingly nasty fight over the leadership of the NDP illustrates dramatically the tension between power and ethics in political life.

Resolving the NDP leadership crisis: Not just a matter for the party

Heading into a leadership contest, the NDP in Manitoba needs to ensure that the procedures followed are transparent, clearly understood, fair and credible.