Paul Haavardsrud

Paul Haavardsrud writes for CBC's western business desk in Calgary. He is also a producer on CBC Radio’s national business desk where he talks about business on Radio One in the afternoons. Prior to that he worked for newspapers. On Twitter, he’s @paulhaavardsrud.

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Why Trump's trade war makes sense — if you're Trump

The U.S. is starting down the path of a global trade war. It makes little sense to most economists, but economics might be the wrong lens through which to see the trade barriers U.S. President Donald Trump is building.

West Texas oil boom threatens recovery in Canadian oilpatch

In Canada's oil industry, the hope of higher prices springs eternal, but it's a faith that's now being tested by the oilfields of West Texas - the once and current centre of the global oil world.

Why Rachel Notley's Alberta NDP is still considering building an oil refinery

Conventional wisdom in the oilpatch suggests a refinery in Alberta doesn't make economic sense. And yet, the new NDP government still wants to look at building one. What's up with that?

Go north, not west: Yukon lures businesses with new company rules

Yukon is changing its regulations in a bid to convince far-flung companies that part of the answer to tapping Canada's capital markets can be found north of 60.

Online gambling: Is it even legal?

Canadian law puts gambling firmly under provincial jurisdiction, so why are thousands of offshore gaming sites still just a click away?

Oil's swoon sparks Alberta schadenfreude in rest of Canada

Falling oil prices are hammering Alberta's economy, but not everyone seems to mind. A look into the psychology behind interprovincial rivalry and why not all misfortune is created equal.
By the numbers

Cheaper gas will save you money. But how much?

Oil prices have dropped like a stone since last summer. What's that done for disposable income?