Ossie Michelin

Freelance contributor

Ossie Michelin is a freelance Inuk journalist from North West River, Labrador. He reports on the Indigenous world and the North.

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First Person

Why it's important for Indigenous people to tell our own stories

When Indigenous people have narrative sovereignty, stereotypes and myths fall away and we are free to truly represent ourselves.

'The hardest part of being from a Northern Indigenous community is all the deaths'

At the age of 35 I can honestly say I do not know how many people I know who have drowned, died in a car crash, a house fire, snowmobile or boating accident, or killed themselves. I don't like to keep track, I just know the answer is a lot — too many.

Inuk WWI veteran remembered as regiment's best sharpshooter

Jack Shiwak of the Labrador Inuit community of Rigolet often wonders just what his town would be like today had his uncle, Lance-Cpl. John Shiwak, returned from the First World War. He was killed nearly 100 years ago in Masnières, a village in northern France.

'The land belongs to everyone': Innu communities and conservation groups working together

Conservation organizations like UNESCO and Parks Canada are working with Innu communities in northeastern Quebec and Labrador to protect traditional lands in the area, and those partnerships are benefitting everyone involved.

Canada C3 ship aids cultural exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people

The conversations that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants are having on board a former Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, the Polar Prince, are helping them understand each other — and the country — better.