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Omayra Issa is a reporter with CBC Saskatoon. She has reported in several Canadian cities, including Regina and Ottawa. Follow her on Twitter @OmayraIssa. Story idea?

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Liz Ikiriko becomes 1st Black artist to be acquired by Dunlop Gallery for permanent collection

This month, Liz Ikiriko became the first Black artist to be acquired by Dunlop Gallery for their permanent art collection.

'Isolated and broken down': Black students call for anti-racism education and Black history classes in Sask.

During this election period, Black students who say they’ve been called the N-word and have been the target of microaggressions in their schools want anti-racism education and more Black history in Saskatchewan's curriculum.

Documentarian with Sask. roots works to reclaim myth of John Ware, the Black Prairie cowboy

“I think we have a very narrow and inadequate representation of the history of Black people not only on the prairies, but in the country. It is a history that has been erased,” says Cheryl Foggo.

'We failed': Sask. Health Authority apologizes for its actions prior to Samwel Uko's death

The provincial health authority has issued a written apology to the family of Samwel Uko, who drowned in Wascana Lake shortly after being escorted out of the Regina General Hospital in May.

'La Loche will survive this virus': Seeds of hope in Saskatchewan's COVID-19 epicentre

Indigenous leaders and residents of La Loche and area say the community remains resilient as it grapples with being the epicenter of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan.

Calls for culturally-specific care amidst concerns over mental health issues in black communities

People are sounding the alarm about the state of mental health in black communities across the country and how little is actually known about it, and are urging action, especially in the form of culturally-appropriate services.

25 years after conviction, Robert Latimer still believes he was right to kill his daughter

Robert Latimer was convicted 25 years ago of killing his 12-year-old daughter, Tracy, who had severe disabilities. Latimer still wants that conviction overturned.

A place in the circle : 2-spirit people seek visibility and supports

Brooke Garner has survived to tell his story. Not all two-spirit Indigenous youth have done so.

New award named for Humboldt Broncos crash victim to recognize dedication to blood donation

The annual Dayna Brons Honorary Award will recognize a member of Canada's hockey community who is dedicated to giving blood and stem cell products.

'Indigenizing settlement': Building bridges between newcomers and Indigenous people in Sask.

Two high school students say being from two different parts of the world has helped them develop an important and gratifying friendship through their personal stories.