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Omayra Issa is a senior reporter for CBC News based in Saskatchewan. She has reported in several Canadian cities, including Saskatoon and Ottawa. @OmayraIssa

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Priced Out

Regina mother, poverty experts say Saskatchewan's social safety net is falling behind

The CBC News series Priced Out explains why you're paying more at the register and how Canadians are coping with the high cost of everything.

How climate change is causing grief, anxiety and depression

Many people across Canada are feeling a sense of loss, grief and frustration due to climate change — a phenomenon that's been dubbed ecological grief.

Sask. doctor who died of COVID-19 remembered by loved ones as 'a man who made a difference'

Dr. Youssef Al-Begamy, 48, a Saskatchewan family and emergency room physician, died of COVID-19 complications in Ontario early Sunday morning.

How Indigenous communities are working to boost COVID-19 vaccine rates

Indigenous physicians say it's key to recognize the history of colonialism and trauma that's behind vaccine mistrust in some First Nations communities to boost COVID-19 vaccine rates.

Sask. man waiting for hip replacement 'broke down' as COVID-19 pressures delay surgery

Elective procedures, like the hip replacement Steve Turnquist was waiting 13 months for, were paused earlier this month.

Young Indigenous voters in Sask. share their priorities ahead of the federal election

The voices of young Indigenous voters are crucial in this federal election because they can help make sure the next government prioritizes Indigenous issues that have been continuously overlooked, says Aly Bear of Whitecap Dakota First Nation south of Saskatoon.

Drought in Prairies drives up food costs for restaurants already hurt by pandemic

Widespread drought in the Canadian Prairies is driving up commodity prices, leaving restaurants to contend with a higher cost of doing business.

'It's the Wild West': Saskatoon bike shop owner calls for enforcement of e-bike regulations

Saskatoon bike store owner says electric bicycles pose safety hazard for pedestrians on trails.

'It really hurts': Saskatoon residents reflect on one year since George Floyd's murder

It has been a year since George Floyd's murder and Saskatoon's Samuel Oben still feels the shock of seeing the video of a police officer kneeling on the African American man's neck until he died.

Liz Ikiriko becomes 1st Black artist to be acquired by Dunlop Gallery for permanent collection

This month, Liz Ikiriko became the first Black artist to be acquired by Dunlop Gallery for their permanent art collection.