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Nil Köksal is the host of World Report, CBC's flagship national radio news show. She begins her mornings with more than a million loyal listeners. She returned from her post as CBC’s foreign correspondent in Turkey in 2018.

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Carleton student Cihan Erdal freed from Turkish prison

A Carleton University PhD student and Canadian permanent resident who spent the last 262 days in a Turkish prison has been freed.

Is an $800 purifier best to clean your home's air? Marketplace tested 5 top brands and their claims

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found out just how effective air purifiers are at cleaning the air in your home at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is forcing us all to spend more time indoors.

Carleton PhD student detained in Turkey, accused of inciting protests

Cihan Erdal, a permanent resident and PhD student in Ottawa, is now being held in a detention centre in the Turkish capital, accused of inciting protests. Carleton University and his family are pushing for his release.

Tired of being seen as 'bad guys,' Riz Test creators seek 'human portrayals' of Muslims on screen

Tired of seeing Muslims portrayed as terrorists or oppressed women in TV and movies, a U.K. film buff co-created the Riz Test. Named after British actor Riz Ahmed, it evaluates films and TV shows on how they portray Muslim characters — as nuanced complex human beings or stereotypes.

Could Turkey's Erdogan Era be ending?

Sunday's presidential election in Turkey is so pivotal that almost half of the three million Turks living outside the country have already marked their ballots.

The $5 T-shirt that could get you detained in Turkey

A pair of teenagers are the latest in a series of Turks pulled into police custody for wearing a mass-market message-T. Authorities believe the T-shirt signals support for those allegedly behind last summer’s failed coup.

Stung by secularism, now defending it: A Muslim feminist worries about Erdogan's 'new Turkey'

A feminist and a devout Muslim, Berrin Sonmez knows what can happen in Turkey when piety becomes political, writes Nil Köksal.

Who is Reza Zarrab? Turkish-Iranian gold trader may be working with Mueller investigation of Michael Flynn

The case surrounding Reza Zarrab involves allegations of money laundering, bribery, secret deals, death threats and new identities - and he may well have something to say about former U.S. national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Unpaid Zara garment workers say they still haven't seen a cent

Workers who stuffed pleas into pockets of clothing sold at Zara say they still haven’t been paid despite promises of compensation.

Syrian feminists fight for say in postwar peace talks

Women make up half of Syria's population, but so far have had little say in the conversations about what comes next for their country, Nil Köksal writes.