Nicole Riva

Nicole Riva is a multi-platform writer and social media presenter for CBC News based in Toronto.

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How hurricanes generate deadly storm surges and catastrophic floods

After submerging the Bahamas up to its rooftops and killing five people, Hurricane Dorian is expected to generate “life-threatening” storm surge along the coasts of three U.S. states. But what is storm surge and how does it push water levels so dangerously high? Here’s a closer look.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment classified as drug, Health Canada says

Health Canada has clarified its position on much-hyped injury treatments that use platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The agency now says such treatments should be classified as a drug — a change that could make PRP more available in Canada.

When you can't escape the heat, you're in a 'heat dome'

During a heat wave, it can feel like you're being trapped by rising temperatures on all sides — and that's basically what's happening to the air in an event that has become known as a "heat dome."

'A lot of kids' needs are not being met': Lots of labels, lack of resources for students with special needs

Parents of a child with a learning disability can feel like they're on a "detective mission" within the education system. The first clue they need is an individual education plan (IEP), which outlines what a child needs in the classroom and should suggest ways to help them learn. But the bigger mystery for parents and teachers is often how to actually put the document to practical use.