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Nicole Ireland is a reporter with The Canadian Press.

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Indigenous men at higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer, study finds

Indigenous men have more serious and later-stage prostate cancer when they're diagnosed than non-Indigenous men, a new Canadian study says.

Hormone therapy should be offered to more women with severe menopause: review

More women suffering from "debilitating" symptoms of menopause should be presented with the option of hormone therapy, according to a paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday.

The latest on Canada's baby formula shortage — and how experts say parents should respond

Canada's baby formula shortage has stabilized and the situation is improving, say officials, including Health Canada, pediatricians and industry representatives.

TTC increases outreach, expert calls for guaranteed income in response to transit violence

A rise in violence on Toronto's transit system signals an urgent need to better support people struggling with homelessness, mental illness and addiction, says a forensic psychiatrist with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Despite social media buzz, Ozempic is not a quick-fix weight loss solution, doctors say

Demand for Ozempic in Canada has risen steadily over the last year, according to the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, as celebrities sing the drug's praises and many people post success stories in weight loss they attribute to the drug.

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy helps protect newborns, Canadian study suggests

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 during pregnancy passes along protection against infection and hospitalization to newborns, a Canadian study says.

Get kids back to school sooner after concussion for a better recovery, new study says

A new Canadian study says that kids who have suffered a concussion should get back to school sooner to give them a better recovery.

Why the Ebola outbreak in Uganda matters to you

If there's one thing we've learned from COVID-19 and monkeypox, health experts say, it's that viruses are world travellers – and disease outbreaks are developing at a fast and furious pace.   

The WHO says we must work together to fight monkeypox. African doctors are skeptical

Even though many Africans have suffered from monkeypox over the last five decades, global health experts worry they still won't have equal access to vaccination or treatment as rich countries scramble to battle their first cases.

COVID-19 boosters recommended for the fall, Canada's vaccine advisory body says

People at high risk of severe disease from COVID-19 infection should be offered a booster shot this fall, regardless of how many boosters they've previously received, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization said on Wednesday.