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Nick Logan is a senior writer with based in Vancouver. He has worked as a multi-platform reporter and producer for more than a decade, with a particular focus on international news. You can reach out to him at

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Pride celebrations happening in war-torn Kharkiv as LGBTQ community fights for rights

People in the LGBTQ community in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, have reasons to be hopeful. Over the next week, they'll mark Pride — a time of celebration, mourning and soldiering forward in their own fight for marriage equality and other rights — in the midst of war.

Will King Charles's reign open the door for slavery reparations in the Caribbean?

King Charles's reign ushers in a new era for the British monarchy, but the descendants of slaves in Britain’s former colonies are waiting to see what he may do to atone for the Royal Family’s links to the transatlantic slave trade.

Will Charles III replace Queen Elizabeth on Canadian money any time soon?

There may come a time, in the not-too-distant future, when you no longer see the face of Queen Elizabeth II when you open your wallet, and will instead be greeted by her son and successor, King Charles III. 

Canadians less satisfied in their access to health care than Americans: poll

The findings of a new Angus Reid Institute cross-border survey suggest Canadians are significantly less satisfied with their access to health care than their American neighbours.

Women and girls in flood-stricken Pakistan need menstrual products. These women are trying to help

The calamitous floods that have washed over one-third of Pakistan have left millions of people displaced and vulnerable to hunger, waterborne illnesses and other health concerns — women and girls, in particular. 

How Canadians are stretching their grocery dollars while trying to stay healthy

CBC News followers on Instagram share some ways they are cutting down on grocery bills while still putting nutritious meals on the table.

Canada's Rohingya fear world has forgotten refugee crisis 5 years after genocide in Myanmar

The final week of August will mark both happy and horrific moments in Mayyu Ali’s life – his arrival in Canada as a refugee one year ago and five years since the start of a brutal military crackdown that forced him to flee his home in Myanmar.

Human rights groups criticized some Ukrainian war actions. Experts say they should be taken seriously

More than five months after Russia’s invasion began, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office claims to be investigating some 26,000 alleged Russian war crimes. But it’s unclear to what extent Ukraine is probing any actions of its own armed forces that may have violated international laws.

Mistakes in handling HIV/AIDS pandemic could hinder monkeypox response, advocates say

Top health officials say they are trying to limit the spread of the monkeypox virus while also preventing stigma against those most affected — particularly gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men — but their messaging may be a part of the problem, according to some advocates.

Double the risk for Russian tennis star speaking out on LGBTQ rights and war in Ukraine

Homophobic rhetoric in Russia — including recent attempts to further criminalize talking about LGBTQ issues in media or in public — is intertwined with the Kremlin's Ukraine war messaging.