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Nick Logan is a senior writer with based in Vancouver. He has worked as a multi-platform reporter and producer for more than a decade, with a particular focus on international news. You can reach out to him at

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Dutch version of tell-all book purportedly names royals who discussed skin colour of Harry and Meghan's son

Rumblings about racism have plagued Britain’s royal family for the past several years, but a translated version of a new tell-all book purportedly reveals which senior royals allegedly made comments about the skin colour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first-born child.
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Finland closing its border with Russia amid alleged 'hybrid attack' using migrants

Finland is temporarily shutting down its 1,340-kilometre long eastern border with Russia after seeing an abnormally large number of migrants arrive this month — a situation its prime minister describes as a "hybrid attack" orchestrated by Moscow.

Israel-Hamas truce offers respite from violence — but Gaza's displaced just want to go home

The break in fighting between Israel and Hamas has offered some relief for many in Gaza displaced from their homes during seven weeks of intense Israeli bombardments and ground battles in the besieged enclave, but other challenges remain.

Peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible say those dedicated to the cause — here's how

Oct. 7 was a turning point in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the Hamas-led attack on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza claiming lives on an unprecedented scale. Activists say education, investment in peacebuilding helped in other conflicts, but visionary political leaders are also key.

Otis destroyed 'two different Acapulcos,' leaving poverty-stricken families desperate, vulnerable

The destruction Hurricane Otis caused along the scenic Pacific Ocean coastline of Acapulco is striking, but for the hundreds of thousands of people in the Mexican state of Guerrero living beyond the city’s wealthier hotel district, the storm’s wrath was catastrophic.

Why open-source intelligence can help and hinder understanding of what's happening in Gaza, Israel

Social media platforms have been flooded with horrific footage from Israel and Gaza since Oct. 7 — the day the Palestinian militant group Hamas carried out a surprise assault on Israel, armed with cameras and smartphones in the arsenal of weapons used in the slaughter and kidnapping of hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Thousands of Canadians may soon need to leave Lebanon. 2006 war suggests that's no easy task

The federal government is warning Canadians to avoid all travel to Lebanon and telling those already in the country to leave now, as the crisis in Israel and Gaza worsens and concerns grow that the conflict could spill over the border.

What we know about the Canadians missing or killed after Hamas attack on Israel

More than a month after Islamist militant group Hamas led a swift and ferocious attack on Israel, the number of Canadians (or people with family connections to Canada) confirmed to have been killed in the Oct. 7 assault has risen to seven.

Why Hamas took so many people hostage — and how that complicates Israel's response

More than 100 people were taken hostage from Israel, during weekend attacks carried out by Hamas, and are believed to be held in the Gaza, Experts say that may complicate Israel's retaliation against the Palestinian militant group.

Are you ready for a family talk about gender identity? How to handle a sensitive discussion

Between school policies and political rhetoric, many parents may soon find themselves talking to their children about a topic that could make them uncomfortable