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Nichole Huck is a mother of four and producer at CBC Saskatchewan. She is passionate about creating opportunities for open discussions and helping people find common ground. If you have a story idea email

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Q&A: Deaf Saskatoon writer finds art in his disability

Adam Pottle is an award-winning Saskatoon author who has published several books and plays. He was born deaf, and his work explores the beauty of a world without sound.
First Person

Piles of dirty snow are a Canadian kid's kingdom

Every winter, tucked behind churches and at the edges of parking lots, you'll find temporary kingdoms for Canadian children who get a thrill from scaling filthy piles of snow that have been pushed off parking lots.

'It really wasn't the way we wanted to retire': Melville, Sask. couple hoping to perform one last polka

The pandemic has been devastating for many people in the music world. It's been especially painful for Ron and Sandra Rudoski, a Melville, Sask., couple who played primarily for older adults.

Father says people with disabilities should be offered support to have children, not dissuaded from doing it

Shane and Brenda Haddad always knew they'd be great parents; what they needed to fight was society's expectations of what was possible for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Mother had to regain confidence in caring for children after the suicide of her son

Amanda Smytaniuk is honest about the challenge of reestablishing her role as mother to her other children after her 15-year-old son's suicide.

Redefining 'provider': 4 fathers reflect on parenting in a different age

Like every parent, these dads had to decide what aspects of parenting they wanted to adopt from their own fathers, and which to veer from.

Beyond babysitting: When grandparents take on primary care roles for their grandchildren

When people imagine their retirements, they may picture days in the garden or travelling the world. But many retired grandparents are taking on the responsibility of being active childcare for their grandchildren in their golden years.

Throwing everything into co-parenting after divorce

Nearly 40 per cent of Canadian marriages end in divorce and many people struggle to co-parent in a healthy fashion after splitting. This instalment of the Beautiful Mess parenting series offers wisdom from a Regina family doing it well.

'This conversation should not be about blame': Anti-racism educator responds to comments about race

Leading up to the one-year anniversary of the not-guilty verdict for Gerald Stanley in the death of Colten Boushie, CBC Saskatchewan's noon call-in show Blue Sky focused on where we are as a province when it comes to race relations.

Love not blood: Unconventional family shows it's the mutual support — not the makeup — that makes a difference

An 18 month old boy in Saskatoon was in a dire situation. He needed to find a family in Saskatchewan or risk deportation to Singapore. Meet the people who stepped up to build a family around this little boy.