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Natasha Riebe landed at CBC News in Edmonton after radio, TV and print journalism gigs in Halifax, Seoul, Yellowknife and on Vancouver Island. Please send tips in confidence to

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Edmonton recycling plant to get $15.7M facelift

Edmonton’s recycling facility is getting a $15.7-million technology facelift this year to increase its capacity and efficiency of processing cardboard, paper, plastics, glass and metal. 

Edmonton drafting one-metre rule for motorists passing cyclists

Motorists on Edmonton streets may soon be required to be at least one-metre away when passing cyclists if city council approves a new traffic safety bylaw. 

Edmonton police to investigate removal of homeless people from LRT

Edmonton police are launching an investigation into an incident Sunday night where officers told homeless people seeking shelter in extreme temperatures to leave an LRT station. 

Edmonton engineers, business leaders high on proposed river-valley gondola project

Engineering and business groups in Edmonton endorse a proposed gondola across the North Saskatchewan River, while river valley conservation advocates oppose the idea.

Proposed COVID outreach collaboration includes 12 Edmonton agencies

A group of Edmonton agencies is teaming up to offer COVID-19 supports in more than 40 languages.

Edmonton river valley gondola project gets nod from city

A proposal to build a gondola over the North Saskatchewan River hangs on city council, now that city administration has decided the project should move to the next level. 

Edmonton city council rejects proposed social media policy

Edmonton city councillors have unanimously rejected a social media policy that would encourage them to reason with some followers instead of blocking them.

Edmonton fire hydrant funding shifts would mean lower property taxes, higher water bills

Residents and businesses in Edmonton could see property taxes slightly drop next year if the city switches the cost of maintaining fire hydrants from the tax levy to utility bills.

Edmonton's snow and ice clearing lacks consistency, audit says

Edmonton’s snow and ice clearing program has a lot of room to improve, the city auditor has found. In a report released Thursday, the auditor identified 12 areas in which the Parks and Roads Services Branch was lacking between 2015 and 2020. 

Edmonton's historic Hangar 11 may be saved from wrecking ball

Edmonton’s World War II-era Hangar 11 is saved from potential demolition, as city councilors agreed Monday in essence for a private company to take over the building and repurpose it.